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A great doctor and his grateful patient – Color

Bridget McDonough

Dr. Adashek & his patient Chris Scott

Walking into Dr. Steven J. Adashek’s office, you can’t help but notice how welcoming it feels. The brightly colored walls are lined with beautiful artwork created by patients who‘ve been coming here for many years. This isn’t a typical doctor’s office. It’s inviting, with an attention to detail that translates to his patient care. And for Steven Adashek, patient care is everything.

I met Dr. Adashek about 10 years ago and knew immediately that he saw the big picture. He was open to new medical advancements and believed that there was more to patient care than just treatment, and prevention could be the future of healthcare. At that time, genetic testing for hereditary cancer was a new idea in his specialty, but he understood how many people it could help and began to offer this testing in his practice.

In the past decade Dr. Adashek has tested numerous patients, prevented multiple cancers, and saved many lives. Unfortunately, the out of pocket cost for genetic testing was often prohibitive to patients; Dr. Adashek knew he could be helping many more people, and when Color came along, he was able to do just that.

I’m honored to introduce Dr. Adashek and the remarkable story of Chris, his patient of 30+ years and someone who might owe her life to Dr. Adashek suggesting genetic testing.

Biography: Dr. Adashek

Dr. Steven J. Adashek is a Board Certified OB-GYN highly skilled in all aspects of gynecology and advanced gynecologic surgery. He completed his medical school training at the University of Florida and completed his residency in ob-gyn at the University of Maryland. Dr. Adashek serves on the staff of a number of hospitals, including GBMC, University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Franklin Square Medical Center & Sinai Hospital. He is the senior gynecology consultant for Sheppard Pratt. Dr. Adashek has served as the President of the Maryland Ob-Gyn Society and has been consistently named a “Top Doc” in the annual peer-to-peer survey conducted by Baltimore Magazine.


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