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Celebrating our great team on Lab Week, and every week

Scott Topper

A cutting-edge clinical genetics lab is an incredible place to be. It relies on an stunning array of custom software, custom robotics, mind-blowing molecular biology, advanced bioinformatics and complicated supply chain logistics. It’s a busy and buzzing place, and a nexus of all kinds of scientific and engineering creativity.

But a tool is only as good as the hand that wields it. And it’s important to remember that a lab, and especially our lab, is about people.

At Color we’re so lucky to have a brilliant team of lab professionals who are dedicated to using their intellect, education, attention, and integrity to making absolutely sure that we deliver the right answer, to the right person, every single time. We do this work because we know that this information matters deeply to our clients. We enjoy it because of the generosity of spirit, creativity and kindness of our teammates.

This week was #labweek, an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions that laboratory professionals make to public health. It was also, in true Color style, a chance for the lab team to share and shine with a week of activities and celebrations.

We taught some engineers and designers how to extract DNA and hosted lunches with colleagues across the company. We held a lab olympics with a set of challenges that drew on the attention to detail and teamwork that are so essential to our work. We held an off-site brainstorming session to plan what we’ll work on to ready ourselves for the next stage of Color’s growth. And we threw an amazing party complete with activities for the next generation of Colors: glow-in-the dark slime, kitchen lava lamps, elephant toothpaste, and watery rainbows.

Delight is something we talk about a lot at Color, and finding the sweet spot where science and technology are in the service of health, humanism and joy. This combination is embodied by our amazing lab team, and I feel delighted every day to get to be a part of it.

Valerie, Hau-Ling, Cassandra, Adam, Karen, KJ, Jeny, Emily v1, Emily v2, Sophia, Olivia, Henry, Tony, Alok, Jeroen, Abdi, Hoai, Sophie & Justin … thank you for being awesome.

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