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Color Brings Flexible COVID-19 Testing to Children at Home


The FDA has granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for our at-home, dry swab test kits to monitor COVID-19 infections in minors (age 2 years and older). 


The key to providing greater access to health care services is bringing health care to people where they are – their communities, homes, workplaces, and schools. With this new EUA, we can now help parents and families test their children at home as part of required or voluntary testing programs at their schools, through their sports leagues, or through community centers. This is an important new extension of how we make testing abundant and accessible for everyone to get control of this pandemic. 


This is also a big update for school testing. Color is working with schools in more than 14 states across the country to keep schools open and safe, mitigating transmission of COVID-19 in hard-hit communities. At-home testing can also completely change how we think about school testing, moving sample collection out of classrooms and into homes where families can help their children complete their test. 


As we face another surge of infections, our priority is to make it as easy as possible to access efficient, accurate, and flexible testing resources, especially among those who aren’t eligible for a vaccine. Comprehensive, regular testing is one of the most valuable tools we have to mitigate future outbreaks. By allowing parents and kids to  test at home, testing is even easier.

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