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Color For All: Bringing Genetic Testing to Everyone Who Needs It

Alicia Zhou

Color has always been committed to broadening access to genetic testing. When we first launched our test for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk in 2015, we also launched the Every Woman Program, which provides access to free genetic testing for those in financial need. And today, as we launch our first offering for cardiovascular health, we’re expanding the program to be more inclusive. The Every Woman Program is now called Color For All.

Color For All partners with research hospitals and clinics to further our goal of making genetic testing available to everyone, regardless of their financial or insurance status. The program works by giving gift codes to healthcare providers at these institutions, who in turn can offer them to patients who most need financial assistance and genetic testing.

Color For All’s partners include the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Washington Medical Center, Penn Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the University of California, San Diego. Today we are proud to a new institution to the list: the University of Chicago Cancer Risk and Prevention Team headed by Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade. Dr. Olopade is a geneticist and clinician renowned for her study of hereditary cancer in African populations. Together with the University of Chicago Team, we are proud to expand Color For All to serve the Chicago area.

Through these partnerships we’ve had the privilege of serving people in life-changing ways. “Our patients are incredibly grateful, because this is a test that’s medically recommended, but they can’t afford it,” says Robin Lee, a genetic counselor in the UCSF Hereditary Cancer Risk and Prevention Program. “It makes a big difference for their peace of mind, and that of their relatives.”

Everyone deserves that peace of mind that comes from knowing more about their own health. Through Color For All, we hope to ensure that everyone gets it.

Color For All is funded by contributions from Color, as well as generous donations from our clients and donors. To donate, please visit our Donations Page . Learn more about our Color For All partners.


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