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Color goes to Canada – Color

Darrin Crisitello

Today, Color is partnering with Dynacare to make genetic testing more accessible for millions of Canadians. The Color Test is physician ordered, analyzes 30 genes related to the most common hereditary cancers and includes board-certified genetic counseling.

Dynacare, one of Canada’s largest providers of health and wellness solutions will now offer the Color Test to the more than 10 million Canadians it serves. If you live in Canada and are interested in learning more about the Color Test, speak to your physician or call Dynacare support at 888.988.1888.

Increased access to genetic testing can improve the chances of early detection, and decrease overall cancer mortality rates.

Color’s goal is to help people make proactive and informed health decisions through affordable and accessible genetic testing. A better understanding of personal risk factors can help individuals and their healthcare providers build plans for detection, prevention, and treatment.

With this partnership, we’re closer to making genetic testing — and the empowering information it provides — available to everyone.


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