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Simple Way to Start a COVID-19 Testing Program for your Team or Organization

Colman Murphy

Color COVID-19 self-swab test kit

With businesses bringing teams back to the office and starting to travel for work again, we wanted to provide an easy way for organizations to run COVID-19 testing programs, or have tests on hand for team meetings or just-in-case situations. You can now order tests directly from

Color’s self-managed COVID-19 testing solution is specifically developed for small and mid-size organizations and teams that want to run testing in a more agile and responsive way. Admins simply create an account with Color, order test kits from 25 up to 500 at a time, and set up their testing program in the way that best meets the needs of their organization.

Customers have shared with us several ways they’re using on-demand COVID-19 testing:

  • Structured testing of a subset of the organization, like customer support or field service teams
  • One-off testing for a company or team event, whether that’s the initial “back to the office” phase, or for a group get-together offsite
  • Testing in advance of bringing customers or international team members onsite
  • Testing in response to a suspected or confirmed positive case of COVID-19 within the team
  • Adhering to new state and county regulations and guidance to test unvaccinated individuals in a workforce

Of course the solution is not limited to these scenarios. It’s designed to be flexible and adaptable, mapping to the changing needs of organizations as COVID-19 continues to be a risk.

The benefits of this more dynamic offering are immediate and manifold:

  • Individual offices can set up their own testing program in just a few days – there’s no need for dedicated staff to run the program.
  • Companies can use Color’s platform to capture vaccination status in a HIPAA-compliant way, without needing to access protected health information.
  • Employees can self-administer the test, either in the office or at home.
  • Teams can keep spare tests on hand for when they’re needed.
  • Since the Color dashboard tracks all test results and can also track vaccination status, it provides an integrated record that can make it much easier to demonstrate OSHA or regulatory compliance.

As we move to more in-person interactions, regular or on-demand testing, combined with best practices such as distancing, mask wearing, and ventilation, can help keep the risk of infection to a minimum. If you’d like to start a program for your organization, check out Color’s self-service testing solution for yourself at


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