Announcing a simple way to start a COVID-19 testing program for your team or organization

Color COVID-19 self-swab test kit

With businesses bringing teams back to the office and starting to travel for work again, we wanted to provide an easy way for organizations to run COVID-19 testing programs, or have tests on hand for team meetings or just-in-case situations. You can now order tests directly from

Color’s self-managed COVID-19 testing solution is specifically developed for small and mid-size organizations and teams that want to run testing in a more agile and responsive way. Admins simply create an account with Color, order test kits from 25 up to 500 at a time, and set up their testing program in the way that best meets the needs of their organization.

Customers have shared with us several ways they’re using on-demand COVID-19 testing:

Of course the solution is not limited to these scenarios. It’s designed to be flexible and adaptable, mapping to the changing needs of organizations as COVID-19 continues to be a risk.

The benefits of this more dynamic offering are immediate and manifold:

As we move to more in-person interactions, regular or on-demand testing, combined with best practices such as distancing, mask wearing, and ventilation, can help keep the risk of infection to a minimum. If you’d like to start a program for your organization, check out Color’s self-service testing solution for yourself at


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