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Color’s August Newsletter, Spectrum – Color

Linda Jiang

Color’s monthly newsletter, Spectrum, helps you stay up to date on living a healthy life with the latest in health and wellness, genetics, and cancer and heart health. If you found this information interesting, sign up for our monthly Health Notes here.

Health & Wellness

Age Like a Former Athlete

New York Times, by Gretchen Reynolds

Being a world-class distance runner in your youth does not guarantee that you will be fit and healthy in retirement. But it helps, according to a new study that followed a group of elite American runners for 45 years. The study’s findings raise interesting questions …

How to Cook Your Food for the Biggest Health Benefits

Time, by Jacqueline Andriakos

Choosing the right foods is one part of eating healthy — but how you prepare them also plays a role. “Research shows that certain cooking methods may change the makeup of our food in ways that could potentially harm our health,” …

Why Running to ‘Burn Off’ that Ice Cream is Missing the Point

Washington Post, by Gabriella Boston

Frozen margarita, anyone? A calorie-counting app will tell you a 12-ounce margarita contains between 650 and 700 calories; for a 150-pound person, that would equal about 60 minutes of spinning at a moderate effort …


Scientists Precisely Edit DNA In Human Embryos To Fix A Disease Gene

NPR, by Rob Stein

Scientists have been tinkering with the DNA in humans and other living things for decades. But one thing has long been considered off-limits: modifying human DNA in any way that could be passed down for generations. Now, an international team of scientists reports …

Genes Can Push You Toward Obesity, But There Are Things You Can Do to Prevent That

Washington Post, by Marlene Cimons

The role of genes in obesity is one of science’s great puzzles, even though researchers have learned much in recent years. They have identified dozens of genetic variants that increase the risk but are still untangling how these genes interact with other factors to help make us fat …

Outsmarting Colon Cancer

GenomeMag, by Jeanne Erdmann

Jose Landa was looking for a change. He and his wife came to the U.S. from their home in Venezuela in 2001 because they wanted a safe place to raise their children. An attorney by training, Landa had spent more than 20 years practicing business law …

Cancer & Heart Health

Does Taking Vitamin B Really Increase Your Lung Cancer Risk?

Fortune, by Sy Mukherjee

A new study making the rounds suggests that high intake of B vitamins is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer in men. Let’s look beyond the headlines and into some of the research’s details and caveats. First, the topline numbers …

‘Fat But Fit’ Still has Higher Risk of Heart Disease, Study Confirms

CNN, by Meera Senthilingam

The idea that you can be overweight or obese yet healthy — if factors such as your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol levels are normal — is a myth, according to a new study, and messaging around this should be changed …

More Young People Are Dying of Colon Cancer

New York Times, by Roni Caryn Rabin

When researchers reported earlier this year that colorectal cancer rates were rising in adults as young as their 20s and 30s, some scientists were skeptical. The spike in figures, they suggested, might not reflect a real increase in disease incidence but earlier detection …


Color Announces Two New Board Members To Guide Continued Innovation In Healthcare Delivery

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