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Knowledge is Power: Beverly Sons Shares Her Story on Her Battle with Cancer

Meghan Hughes

Beverly Sons Reflects on The Importance of Family and Genetic Information During Her Battle with Cancer

Cancer touches everyone. One in three people will hear the words, “you have cancer” in their lifetime and many of us have lost loved ones to the disease. In all the battles, triumphs, losses and never-ending search for a cure, there are moments to share with each other and knowledge to pass on.

Nothing makes cancer easier, but sharing those hard-won experiences can help others face the disease down, and to beat it back. Knowledge is power when it comes to disease, especially cancer.

Every day, we hear from people who have taken the Color Test about how important affordable access to genetic testing has been to them and their families. People have shared with us that having access to their personal health “data” to identify hereditary risk for cancer has helped them, their families, and their providers. The information gives them what they need to create a personalized care plan in order to prevent cancer, catch it at an earlier stage or treat the disease on an individualized basis.

Many want to tell their stories to help others learn from their experience and find community in the shared search for knowledge. Our Knowledge is Power Series will bring you some of these experiences to share more information for those affected by cancer or those simply searching to know more about their personal health.

Today, we’re sharing Beverly Sons’ story.

Beverly (everyone calls her Bev), is a retired newspaper editor from central Illinois who has been married for 51 years and has two children and nine grandchildren(!). Bev lost both her father and sister to cancer. Then one day she got the news that she, too, had cancer. Bev’s oncologist recommended the Color Test to her so they could see whether there were any genetic mutations in her family for the sake of her care and her family’s. Family is everything to Bev — they keep her young and make her want to get up and go. She was determined to fight. Hear how her results have given her the information she was seeking to help guide her care.

We’ll be sharing every other week for the rest of the summer. We’d love to hear from you as well. If you’d like to share your story, send us a message at


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