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Happy Men’s Health Week – Color

Michael Krantz

You probably know this Sunday is Father’s Day (and if you didn’t, you’re welcome). But did you know that in 1994 Congress declared the week prior to Father’s Day Men’s Health Week, with the goal of increasing awareness and treatment of preventable health problems among men and boys?

That goal hasn’t changed but medical technology has; in April Color celebrated our own second anniversary of helping men and women learn about, and hopefully improve, their health by taking our genetic test for hereditary cancer risk. One in seven men in the U.S. will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime¹, and men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the past year². Knowing as early as possible about your risk for hereditary cancer is a great way to stay healthier for longer, and do right by the mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and all the other loved ones in your life.

So, from all of us at Color: Happy Men’s Health Week, and many more.