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Happy National Twins Day (from both of us)! – Color

Vivian Chen

Our twin clients Pam & Randy both love music and art

When people find out I have a twin, they usually ask, “What’s it like having a twin?” It’s always both easy and difficult to answer. On the simplest level, having a twin is like having a sister who is your best friend. But it’s hard to boil down the twin experience to a few words. My sister and I go through everything in life together, and I really mean everything — birthdays, achievements, challenges, disappointments.

Of course, working at Color, I also think about the genetic aspect of “twindom”. Only about a third of twins are identical, meaning they have 100% of their DNA in common. Most twins, including my sister and I, are fraternal, meaning we share 50% of our DNA just like any other pair of siblings. But even fraternal twins can share health risks, as this recent study showed.

In honor of National Twins Day, I’m happy to introduce another set of twins from the Color community. Please meet Pam and Randy, who share how Color has helped them take charge of their health so they can continue sailing through life, as twins and best friends.