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Health Is Relative: Introducing Our Shared Family History Tool

Kelly Lau-Kee

We all inherit countless traits, from physical characteristics like hair color and facial features to less visible ones like caffeine tolerance and the tendency to sneeze at bright lights.

Since health conditions like cancer may also be passed down through families, knowing your family’s medical history could have a significant impact on your own health. It isn’t always easy to gather this information from family members. That’s why we are pleased today to launch Shared Family History, a free tool that lets you tap into the knowledge of your relatives by inviting them to collaborate and contribute to your family’s health history.

When you have an accurate picture of your family’s health, your healthcare provider can give you better and more personalized care. If you decide to take the Color Test, information from your Shared Family History will make your results even more personalized (your relatives will not be able to see your results).

Wondering what your Shared Family History looks like? Simply create a free account to get started.