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Introducing Color’s Provider Platform: Bringing Efficiency and Simplicity to Genetic Testing

Color Genomics

Color’s mission is to democratize access to genetic testing in a responsible way. A major part of responsible access is ensuring that healthcare providers can easily order Color for their patients, and then understand and engage with their patients’ Color Test results.

Today, we are excited to launch Color’s Provider Platform, a seamless online experience for healthcare providers. The Provider Platform is an online site for providers to place orders for their patients, track order progress and view results of the Color Test.

The process of placing orders for genetic testing has historically been laborious and inefficient because workflows are reliant on outdated technology. Traditionally, providers have had to fill out lengthy test request forms, make copies of patients’ insurance documentation and collect patients’ health history information to send to the testing laboratory. Once an order is placed, providers may have limited visibility into the order status until the results are sent over on a frequently difficult-to-read fax. This outdated process is not only time-consuming and inefficient for providers, but may also reduce the amount of time they can devote to their patients.

We believe in building simple, functional and powerful tools by listening closely to the individuals using the products. Our engineering and product teams have experience building some of the most user-friendly software that millions of individuals use everyday — Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube and Twitter, among others. To build the Provider Platform, we worked with genetic counselors and other providers from cancer clinics across the U.S. to build an experience that saves providers’ time and empowers them with valuable information.

Introducing Color’s Provider Platform

Color’s Provider Platform is a set of powerful and easy-to-use tools that simplify ordering, monitoring and viewing results. The Provider Platform builds upon the existing tools that Color offers providers, such as efficient handling of orders, online health history collection and access to our team of board-certified genetic counselors.

  • Efficient Online Ordering: Providers can order testing with a few simple steps. No patient health history, insurance or payment information is required.
  • Detailed Order Tracking: Once an order is placed, providers can track its status online. From patient purchase to sample sequencing and viewing of results, providers are never left guessing about the status of their order.
  • Clear and Informative Results: Color’s clear and detailed results can now be viewed and downloaded online. Results include all of the same valuable information that we have always provided — clearly communicated mutation details, impact on cancer risks, answers to common questions and screening guidelines created by nationally recognized experts, such as the NCCN®. Now the results can be viewed in full resolution from anywhere, at any time.

“I think it is important, particularly when providing patient care, to have administrative tools and resources that are as advanced as the test the patient is receiving. And many patients expect those kind of technological efficiencies from their providers. Filling out a paper form is not only antiquated, but also time-consuming. Electronic forms are faster, more efficient and easier to edit. The tools we use for work should be just as good as the ones we use as consumers. Additionally, having my patients’ records easily accessible online gives me the ability to quickly check when a sample was received, its status, as well as the results without having to make a phone call to the lab — which means I’m spending less time on hold and more time providing direct patient care.”

– Tara Biagi, MS, CGC, Cancer Genetic Counselor at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates

Enabling Healthcare Providers Through Well-Designed Software

We are committed to bringing providers best-in-class tools that enable them to spend more time with their patients. The Provider Platform is another step in our mission to democratize access to genetic testing by making it easier and faster for providers to order tests and track results for their patients. We look forward to growing Color’s Provider Platform and continuing to build tools that empower healthcare providers.


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