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Knowledge is Power: Genetic Information Enables Maggie to be Proactive about Her Health

Fatima Sabar

“You don’t have to wait until you have somebody in your family who has cancer or people are getting sick. You can actually deal with it in a more proactive way.” — Maggie Lynch

Every day, we hear from individuals who have used Color and are grateful for the important, actionable health information they received from their experience. Many write to us to share how their test results have empowered them to take charge of their health. In some cases, the results become the missing piece of the puzzle that explains a personal or family history of cancer. The results are then used to develop a personalized screening and prevention plan with healthcare providers.

Our Knowledge Is Power Series shares the stories of women and men who were motivated to learn about their cancer risk and share that experience with others.

Today, we’re sharing Maggie Lynch’s story.

Maggie is a healthy 35-year-old woman originally from Ireland, now living in Vancouver with her husband and two sons. They love to ski and travel. Her love for travel brought her to Expedia, where she works as a technical product manager. One pivotal moment in her life was her mother’s passing from stomach cancer when Maggie was just four years old. This was not the first incidence of cancer in her family; on her mother’s side, Maggie’s grandfather also died of cancer at a young age.

Maggie began searching for clues as to what is behind the family history of cancer, which ultimately led her to Color. Especially after having her two sons, she wants to make sure she is doing everything possible to be proactive about her health. “I look at my two sons and my husband and I want to be there to watch them grow up,” she explains. “I want to be there for their weddings and all the different events they have in their future.”

Maggie’s experience is about empowerment and enabling a healthy mother and professional to be hands-on about her own health, and her family’s. Watch her story to find out what the genetic testing process was like for her, and what she’s doing with the information she learned.

If you have an experience with testing that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Send us a message at if you would like to share your story.