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Knowledge is Power: How Genetic Information Gives Brian The Time and Ability to Make Health Decisions

Meghan Hughes

“If we can have the information at our fingertips, wouldn’t we want it that way?” — Brian Frank

Our Knowledge is Power Series shares personal stories of individuals who were motivated to learn their genetic risks of developing hereditary cancer. Some are motivated by family or personal histories of cancer and some are motivated by the desire to know more about their health.

Nothing makes cancer easier, but sharing those hard-won experiences can help others face the disease down, and to beat it back. Every day, we hear from people who have taken the Color Test about how important access to affordable genetic testing has been to them and their families. The information gives them what they need to create a personalized care plan in order to prevent cancer, catch it at an earlier stage or treat the disease on an individualized basis.

Today, we’re sharing Brian Frank’s story.

Brian Frank is an investor in the tech sector focusing on food, science and technology. When he found out that his father had pancreatic cancer, it was a shock to his family. They had some instances of cancer in their extended family, but it was spotty history. Since his father had passed away from pancreatic cancer and his wife’s family had a history of cancer, Brian became interested in learning more about his genetics so he could be empowered with personal health information. Access to genetic information has helped him figure out how hereditary cancer is going to impact him, his family and also the future family he and his wife would like to have one day.

We’ll be sharing every other week for the rest of the summer. We’d love to hear from you as well. Send us a message at, if you’d like to share your story.