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Making ordering with insurance faster and more transparent

James Liu

For providers and patients who want insurance coverage for genetic testing, getting a clear answer can be difficult. Providers have to research and remember nuanced medical policy details, fill out lengthy benefits investigation paperwork, and then wait several days for an answer delivered via phone or fax. Additionally, financial costs often aren’t clear at the time of testing, leaving patients with unexpectedly high bills after the fact.

That’s why today we’re excited to start accepting insurance for Color’s Hereditary Cancer Test in a way that makes ordering simpler and more transparent. Prior to processing an order, we help providers find the lowest payment option available for their patients, whether it’s through coverage by the patient’s insurance company or Color’s $249 self-pay price.

To offer this transparent billing process, we take into account a patient’s insurance benefits, such as their deductible and co-insurance, as well as their personal and family health history. Based on these details, we offer providers and patients the lowest estimated payment option: those with appropriate health criteria and deductibles can continue with insurance billing, and those who may not meet criteria or have a high estimated out-of-pocket cost can select our $249 self-pay price.

To make clinical-grade genetic testing more accessible, we need to both reduce the costs of testing as well as improve the ordering process for healthcare providers and their teams. By partnering with some of the largest insurance companies to cover more than 100 million lives and leveraging modern technology to build best-in-class tools, today’s launch will help make it easier for providers and patients to get the valuable information they need to improve health outcomes.

If you’re a provider interested in offering insurance billing for Color’s Hereditary Cancer Test to your patients, please visit our Provider website to learn more.

Please note: Insurance billing for Color’s Hereditary Cancer Test is only available for patients who have the test ordered by their own physician and not through

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