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Sales isn’t just selling… – Color

Darrin Crisitello

Tradition of taking a company selfie

Every summer the Color sales team gathers at our company’s California headquarters for our annual meeting. Over the course of three days, we’ll review the first half of the year, celebrate our successes, learn from the field, and prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Many sales teams with members scattered across the country settle for regional gatherings. At Color, though, we think it’s important to all be together in one place. We like the interaction with our extended teams; in fact, we consider it essential. We think a big part of making our own team stronger is spending time with Color’s marketing, operations, customer support, product and other teams. Great sales means being innovative, nimble and collaborative. It means recognizing that our role means representing our brand not just in selling product, but in interacting with our customers and keeping our focus on the patients we all serve.

So as we meet this week, we’ll make sure to remember that everyone at Color helps us do what we do. So here’s a public thank you to all our colleagues, both within Color and throughout the medical community, who enable us sales folks to do our part in helping make our company’s vision a reality.

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