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Sydney’s Story: Why we all deserve peace of mind when it comes to our health

Hayley Decker

Our clients and their stories inspire us every day to keep working toward a world where everyone has access to the information they need to live their healthiest lives.

The story of Lori and Sydney, a mother and daughter with a long family history of cancer, is another moving example of the power in knowing more about our genes. After getting tested through Color and discovering she had the CHEK2 mutation, Lori knew she was at higher risk for breast cancer. That new information prompted her to take preventive action, and through screenings, she caught breast cancer early and stopped it in its tracks.

Lori’s story of strength and survival changed the way Sydney thought about her own health. She knew her mom’s genetic test result meant she could also be at an increased risk for breast cancer–and that it was time for her to take control and get tested, too.

Today, Lori is healthy, and Sydney is a passionate advocate for the peace of mind and empowerment that can come from being proactive and getting answers.

Thank you for sharing your powerful story, Sydney!


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