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We are much more similar than we are different – Color

Linda Jiang

Although recent world events may seem to highlight our differences, we believe that it is important to embrace the things that make us similar.

When you look beyond the surface, we are much more similar than we are different. In fact, we are all 99.9% genetically identical.

Inside our DNA are 3 billion building blocks called base pairs. Only a tiny amount of those base pairs make us different from each other. While our DNA makes us all unique, whether you are from Morocco, Somalia, Cuba, Pakistan, or the US, we are all genetically similar.

Aside from our DNA, we all care deeply for our families, friends, and community. We have stories, aspirations, and dreams. The world is more beautiful when there is room for every race, culture, and point of view. At Color, we believe that we can build a better future by embracing our similarities and celebrating what makes us unique.


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