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Wendy M.

Okay, so if you’re reading this, it is highly likely that someone has reached out to you about a job at Color. Color truly is an amazing life and career changing experience. I’m not a rah-rah kind of person, nor am I salesperson. Please read my 6 points of evidence below…

#1 — You will be the closest to saving lives that you’ve ever been in your career.

Color’s whole focus as a company is on dramatically improving healthcare so that more people can make better decisions that can save their lives. We started by dropping the price of clinical-grade genetic testing by 10x to $249, then we brought access to BRCA testing down to $99. At the time I write this, we have told many thousands of people that they have increased risk for cancer or heart disease, and this information truly is power. Knowing you have higher risk means you can personalize your screening plan to prevent or catch cancer and heart disease early. For example, the survival rate for breast cancer jumps from 25% to 98% when it is detected at a more treatable stage. We’ve also helped many people learn they don’t have a mutation that is known to run in the family, giving them peace of mind. Getting genetic tests in the hands of parents, mothers, siblings, and cousins is just the first step. It is time for people to have more (and better) information about their own bodies and genes to inform their healthcare.

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