Color’s COVID-19 Research Platform

Color’s scalable, large population testing infrastructure and integrated software platform advance COVID-19 vaccine research and epidemiological and observational studies.

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A Platform for Large-Scale, Decentralized COVID-19 Research and Trials


High-throughput, virology testing infrastructure, supporting self-swab sample collection for scalability & remote access


Intuitive, easy-to-use digital experience for enrollment, data collection and reporting


Modular research platform to simplify operations and launches of epidemiological studies, surveillance, and vaccine trial research

Distributed testing infrastructure delivers fast, clinical-grade results

EUA from FDA for clinician-monitored and self-swab COVID-19 testing

Color received an EUA for monitored and self-collection testing, and uses an RT- LAMP diagnostic assay (EUA200539) that relies on a different supply chain than standard RT-PCR, reducing reliance on more expensive materials in short supply.

Fast turnaround

Color operates a high-throughput, CLIA-certified lab, processing thousands of tests in CAP daily, for fast, accurate results, averaging a 24-hour turnaround.1

Easy, flexible collection methods

Comfortable anterior nares (AN) swab, clinician-administered, monitored, or self-swab sample collection. Available for in-office or at-home use, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Intuitive Digital User Experience

User-friendly experience

A simple enrollment, consent, and communication process. Customizable content to support program-specific instructions and communications.

Easily manage multiple testing protocols 

Support for multiple testing protocols and dynamic testing frequencies for sub-populations, easily modified and managed automatically.

Built-in data privacy and protections

An intuitive, HIPAA-compliant user interface for data collection, return of results and reporting to public health departments, researchers, and other relevant entities.

Modular research platform

Capabilities & branding

  • Co-branded, user-friendly online portal to engage participants
  • Simple-to-use remote enrollment and consenting process
  • Custom survey capabilities for eligibility screening, baseline, and ongoing data collection 
  • Data dashboards for program tracking (e.g. compliance rate, return rate) and research analytics
  • Parallel genetic sequencing to track responder status

Support for different research applications

Eligibility confirmation, symptoms monitoring, or infection surveillance and detection during observational or investigational studies.

1. Color Genomics, Inc. Turnaround time by Collection Batch (July 2020). Burlingame, CA: Color Data Science.