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Consistent testing stops outbreaks before they start – and helps employees and their families feel safe. Color makes population-scale COVID programs tech-forward, reliable, and cost-effective.

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An Accessible Approach to COVID-19 Testing

Color’s first Workforce Testing Program was launched with CityTestSF, a highly accessible COVID-19 testing model for all of San Francisco’s public and private essential employees. The program is a public-private partnership providing universal access to testing for all essential employees regardless of symptoms or exposure.

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If your organization has a clinical team, check out our COVID Essential program

Color’s COVID-19 Testing Infrastructure

Color has integrated its COVID-19 testing lab into a technology-driven employer program that can help reduce the risk of workplace transmission through fast, scalable testing.  The program provides a complete testing solution – including eligibility assessments and testing protocols, sample collection events, reliable turnaround times on testing, and appropriate follow-ups for testing, tracing, and isolating emerging cases in the workplace.


COVID-19 Workforce Testing Diagram

Eligibility Criteria

Color incorporates testing protocols and criteria to determine each employee’s risk of exposure and communicate who is eligible for testing. Color’s platform incorporates flexible modules, including exposure risk assessments and symptom checking.

Sample Collection

Color supports multiple testing configurations to flexibly integrate with job site attributes, making it easy for employees to provide test samples. Color’s sample collection service also manages the logistics of sample collection and transport to Color’s networked high-capacity laboratories.

Clinical Testing

Color’s CLIA lab operates under FDA-approved protocols and has the capacity to process thousands of samples per day, with automated processes that support fast turnaround times and consistent reporting.

Clinical Follow-Up

Color’s software delivers test results directly to employees by email, text or phone in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Color’s platform also integrates with downstream clinical services to help  employees isolate and receive appropriate care. 

Public Health Follow-Up

Along with reporting results to care providers, Color helps employers comply with state and local public health requirements for reporting and case management.

HR & Occupational Safety Follow-Up

Color works with HR and Occupational Safety teams to ensure employees and their families can get care and take appropriate action when they receive a positive test result, and de-isolation testing to help employees safely return to work.

Color Workforce Testing Program FAQs

Color’s technology-forward approach ensures the health & safety of your workforce while reducing friction, overhead, and cost.

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Color uses nucleic acid amplification techniques (LAMP and RT-PCR) to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA. Learn more about our testing and assay


We support anterior nares (not deep swabbing, also known as AN) and nasopharyngeal (deep swabbing, also known as NP). All samples must be monitored or administered by a clinician.

Getting tested takes about 10–15 minutes. Results are typically available within 1-3 days, and in practice ~90% of results are returned in two days, though the actual time may vary. Turnaround time is the usual number of hours from the time a specimen is accessioned at the laboratory to when the result is released to the participant and ordering provider.

Depending on the type of program you have, Color will provide a unique URL or program code that allows participants to schedule a 30 minute timeframe for their 10-15 minute appointment. They’ll be asked for information such as phone number, email address, home address, and primary healthcare provider information if they wish to have results sent to their clinician. 



First, participants confirm some basic information to check-in at the Color testing site. Then they proceed to sample collection where they provide consent for the test, and provide the sample via nasal swab. They’ll also receive a handout with a sample-specific barcode for results release.


When test results become available, participants receive a text message and email (if provided) that links to a secure portal to view their results.


The participant and ordering physician receive results directly through Color’s participant and provider portals. For return to work programs, we provide employers with a program dashboard to effectively monitor employee health. Participants provide consent for testing and HIPAA authorization for results sharing as part of our scheduling system before being tested. 


Color has created a framework to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, which can be found in our Return to Work Screening Strategies white paper.

Safeguarding the privacy and security of personal health information is among our most important responsibilities. You may view our COVID terms of serviceNotice of Privacy Practices, COVID HIPAA authorization, and COVID informed consent to learn more.

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If your organization has a clinical team, please see COVID Essential