Welcome to the Color COVID-19
Testing Program, in partnership
with the California Department
of Public Health

Program Overview

We’re excited to help you set up your testing program to keep your community safe.
Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you emails to begin onboarding. Here’s an overview
of how you’ll run your program:

Onboarding & Site Setup


These pages detail the steps and decisions necessary to complete onboarding and set up your testing programs.


Understand your testing type

We’re proud to offer several different testing options. Depending on your organization,
your testing program may be offering one of the following:


Monitored molecular
testing (individual or pooled)



  • Molecular tests will be monitored by onsite staff
  • Reflex testing not required


Monitored antigen testing with reflex to monitored molecular testing


  • Antigen tests monitored by onsite staff
  • For positive antigen tests, follow up with a monitored onsite molecular test

  • Click for a quick-start guide >


Unmonitored antigen
testing with reflex to unmonitored molecular testing


Identify your testing team

It takes a team to run an effective testing program, and we recommend
selecting people from across your organization for the roles below.

Program Director
Site Lead
Testing Administrator

Program Director

Responsible for identifying collection sites and the site lead for each collection site.

Color Access

  • Staff management “site manager” role, to manage team member access sample collection
  • Results dashboards for all sites
  • Access management, to edit team member access to dashboards

Site Lead

Responsible for all testing at a collection site and setting up at-home testing. They identify testing administrators, distribute testing supplies, and prepare molecular samples for shipment to the lab.

Monitored antigen testing: responsible for ensuring all testing administrators complete training, performing the necessary antigen test kit qualification, and maintaining quality control logs.

Unmonitored (at-home) antigen testing: responsible for providing Color with an eligibility file with all eligible at-home testing participants. Color will share a link to upload this file via email after onboarding.

Color Access

  • Staff management “site manager” role, to manage team member access to sample collection
  • Results dashboard for their site
  • Access management, to edit team member access to dashboards

Testing Administrator

Testing administrators set up testing stations and oversee sample collection. They’ll use Color to record which participants provide samples. At least one testing administrator should be selected for each testing station.

Testing administrators at monitored antigen testing sites are required to complete Color’s antigen testing training program.

Color Access

  • Staff management “site staff” role


Participants are the individuals who register, consent, and provide samples for testing. For participants under 12 years of age, a parent or guardian must register and provide consent on their behalf. Participants may test at your testing site or at home, depending on your program.

How to create a Color account
How to use the staff management tool

Managing your staff

You can provide, edit, and remove permissions for testing team members to use Color by logging into your account. Organization district directors and site school leads should be given “site manager” roles and testing administrators should be given “site staff” roles.

If you need a Color account, please contact your organization lead. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Onsite Individual Molecular Test Kits

  1. Swab
  2. Tube 
  3. Barcode card
  4. Small sample biohazard bag
  5. Absorbent pad

Source-Pooling Test Kits

  6. Six individually packaged swabs
  7. Tube
  8. One biohazard bag
  9. One absorbent pad

Unmonitored Individual Molecular Test Kits

  • Swab
  • Tube
  • Barcode card
  • Instructions for activation, collection, and return
  • Biohazard bag and return shipping mailer


Do not use bleach products near sample collection kits. Color sample collection kits use PrimeStore transport media (the small amount of liquid in each tube) to stabilize and inactivate the virus. This media contains guanidine thiocyanate, which produces a dangerous chemical reaction that releases cyanide gas when exposed to bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

For more information, click here.

How participants register and receive results

Shipping addresses

All samples should be shipped attention to:

Color Health
Attn: Color Lab
818 Mitten Rd,
Burlingame 94010

Store unused test kits

Please store collected kits in a covered bin in a secure, shaded area without direct exposure to the sun or heat. The ideal storage temperature is room temperature (72-76 degrees Fahrenheit). Packaged kits may be deposited in outdoor drop boxes in cold outdoor temperatures.

Please note: Kits may not be transferred to a different site or used for any purpose other than for sample collection. For safety reasons and to ensure specimen samples are not contaminated or damaged and results are accurate, unused kits may not be returned once they are delivered to a collection site. Unused collection kits must be destroyed when the testing program ends. There are specific expiration dates listed on components of the kits. Please destroy any unused, expired kits by placing them in the regular trash.


All Color molecular tests are Rx only and therefore are physician ordered.
All tests results are released to the ordering physician as part of the reporting workflow.