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Onboarding / Getting Started

Please email the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) at for more information.

If your organization has been approved by CDPH, the organization lead working with CDPH will receive an approval email with the unique identifier listed at the top.

Antigen Testing & Training

Antigen testing detects active infections in people who have symptoms of COVID-19. It can also be used to screen people who do not have symptoms in order to reduce the chances that an outbreak will occur. Most of the currently authorized tests return results in approximately 15–30 minutes. 

Common antigen testing options include, but are not limited to 

Additional Information on Antigen Testing

If you are running a monitored antigen testing site, only individuals who completed the antigen testing training modules provided by Color can administer the test. If your site has already signed up, please check your email for instructions on how to complete the training modules. 


If you are performing at-home antigen testing, participants can complete their antigen test themselves.

Monitored antigen testing site administrators will not receive instructions on how to create a Color account until they have completed the required training modules. Site leads should remind their identified testing administrators to complete them. 


Once your site lead and testing administrators have completed the training and passed the competency quizzes, they will receive emails with account creation instructions.

You should record these in the reagent logs provided by Color.

For unmonitored antigen (OTC) test kit expiration, please check the expiration on your OTC testing kits. If they are expired, discard them and place a new order here.


For monitored antigen (Rx) test kit expiration, per CMS guidance and Color policy, you can continue to use expired monitored antigen test kits for your testing program until further notice. You can review CMS guidance here.


It remains important that the manufacturer’s instructions for use are followed carefully, and that the “lot” and test controls are evaluated and are performing as expected. New “lots” of tests should continue to be qualified using the provided control swabs, with the results documented in the provided qualification log.


The “control” line on each test performed must continue to behave as expected. If controls are not performing as expected, the tests should not be used. If you experience this, or if you have any questions about these processes, please contact Color support at 844-531-0545.


While CMS’ extension does not have an end date, it is expected that it will not last indefinitely. We encourage you to use your expired tests as soon as possible, and we will notify you immediately if the extension ends.

The antigen test results are ready in 15-30 minutes.

If you have questions about the training system or process, please contact

A control test ensures that the test kits in a particular lot (box of 40 kits) are performing as expected. When preparing a new box of kits of use, the SITE LEAD should qualify the kits in each box by running a positive and a negative control. Please see the training for instructions.

Please order antigen kits here. Please find here an FAQ with additional reordering details.

Color Software

If the onsite tool isn’t working for any reason, you can collect samples using our backup paper intake form. Once the tool is working, please enter the information from the paper forms into the software before shipping samples to the lab.

To manage staff permissions, log in at, select the site you’d like to change permissions for, and click “Staff management: For managing staff and permissions”.


If you have issues accessing this tool, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your collection site name and the email(s) of the people to be added or removed.

Sign in to Color or create an account at We’ll send you an email to confirm your email address once you’ve created your account. After confirming, your account is ready for use.

If you’ve attempted to create an account at and your email is not accepted, contact your organization lead, who can request admin access on your behalf via the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that Color will work with organization leads to provision access for new site administrators on a biweekly basis.

Administrators using Color to register participants can view their name, date of birth (DOB), zip code, sex, email and phone number.


Administrators with PHI dashboard access can view name, DOB, zip code, sex, email, phone number, ethnicities, language preference, test result, and whether the patient opened their test result. They’ll also see the sample collection date, report release date, organization, and population/site.


In the aggregate dashboard, administrators cannot view any personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI).

To review the questions participants are asked when registering for a COVID-19 test, click here.

Eligibility Data Management

Administrators assigned during checkout can manage eligibility for their program by adding, editing, or removing participants. To make changes to who can manage eligibility for your organization, please fill out the support form at the bottom of this page. You can find additional information on administrator selection here.

We require two fields:

  1. Participant Identifier Type: Choose “email” or “unique ID”
  2. Participant Identifier: This is the unique ID or email that will be used to determine eligibility, e.g. or 12345.
  1. Double check your template and headers – you can download a template directly from the Eligibility Data Management tool.
  2. Make sure your file is a comma-separated values (CSV).
  3. Check that your file isn’t over 10k records.

Still having issues? Reach out to our Support team via the form at the bottom of this page.

Visit for a detailed overview and walkthrough of the features of this tool.

This field is not needed for Self Serve. You can leave it blank.


Color dashboard access for CDPH users doing molecular COVID testing was removed on 4/1/2023 by CDPH’s request. If you previously had dashboard access and need to view past results, then please contact our Support team using the intake form below.

First, create an account at Then, log in at It may take a few days for your dashboard access to be authorized, so check back if it’s not immediately available.

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