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Read the full story here: The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a partnership aimed at increasing access and adherence to cancer screening and prevention.

The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a new partnership.

You can help your

community access care.

In partnership with the CDC, Color is bringing free COVID-19 laboratory testing for at-risk people to communities across the U.S.

We are working to set up a testing site in your community — and we’d like you to join us.

Now offering a $250 sign up bonus, and $7.50/test completed at your location.

Low-effort. Minimal contact.
No certifications needed.

Host a pick-up and drop-off bin inside or outside your location.

Easily and safely pack samples for FedEx pickup with provided materials. 

Participants collect their molecular (LAMP) kit, self-swab, and drop in the drop-off bin.

Get paid to support your community.

We’ll pay you a $250 sign up bonus and a $7.50 bonus for every test completed at your location.

Totally free for you and your community.

We’ll send you the materials you need to set up. If you need replacements, we’ll send those too.

Questions? Get one-on-one support from a Site Manager, and browse resources and training on a program website.

Refer patients to our Patient Support team, who work 6AM to 5PM PST every day of the week.

Questions? Browse frequently asked questions below or join an informational Zoom, held every Wednesday at 10AM PST / 1 PM EST. Click this link to register.


ICATT Program Details

What is ICATT?

The Increased Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program is a CDC run program. The goal of this program is to provide easy and convenient testing for community members who are symptomatic, have been exposed, or are at high risk. Site’s eligible for the program are in critical locations to increase testing access in their communities and have been approved by the CDC as being in a geographical zone that does not provide free testing to the community. The CDC’s ICATT program is being supported in part by Color Health.

What is the cost of this program?

None. The program costs sites $0 and the community $0. All tests will be provided at no cost to the patient as long as they meet the screening criteria (screening is completed by the patient and does not require sites to make that determination). There will be a section for patients to input their insurance information, but the point of this program is to truly ensure all of our communities have access to free testing.

What type of testing is provided through the ICATT program?

The tests provided through ICATT are lab processed molecular tests (PCR) which use nasal swabs to diagnose active SARS-CoV-2 infections. The testing process is fully self-serve for the participants and you are not required to monitor the test process.

What are the requirements for testing sites?

The requirements for testing sites is to provide a space (inside or outside) that patients, once completing the screening criteria on their device, can pick up a test, self swab and then return the completed test to a designated drop box by the site. The site is responsible for shipping these tests in a timely manner to the lab. The sites are provided return shipping boxes and prepaid labels to complete this task.

How much will I be compensated for participating in the program?

Participation benefits are provided In recognition of the operational and administrative responsibilities of supporting community testing at your site.  Program participants receive:

For Libraries

  • One year ARSL membership paid for
  • $7.50 for each test collected at your site and successfully resulted for a community member

For Pharmacies + All Other Site Partners

  • $250 for signing up for the program and completing onboarding (defined as 10+ tests at your site)
  • $7.50 for each test collected at your site and successfully resulted for a community member
What is the process for receiving compensation?

For Libraries

You will receive an electronic check to the email address on file for your organization at the end of the initial program period (end of November 2022), paid by ARSL. 

For Pharmacies

You will receive a physical check to the address on file for your organization on a monthly basis, paid by Mako Rx. 

For All Other Site Partners 

Color Health will pay your program benefits on a quarterly basis via direct deposit. Please refer to these instructions to register your site with Color in order to receive your program benefits.

Site Set Up and Management

What materials will Color send a site to set up?

You will receive three different shipments from Color, in addition to digital resources sent via email. Shipments you can expect are:

  1. Testing Kits
  2. Clinic in a Box
  3. Return shipping boxes (prepaid abels included)

Your test kit shipment will include 200 test kits. A separate shipment will contain return shipping boxes. You will also receive a clinic in a box that includes: site set up supplies such as 11×17 signage, 200 registration fliers, gloves, masks, table runner, sample collection bins, and biohazard bags. You will also receive digital signage and registration fliers you can print in multiple languages from Color via email.

How many hours per day will it take my employees to support a testing site?

Employees dedicate less than one hour per day to support hosting a testing site at your location.

What do I need to do to prepare my site for testing?
  • Determine a location for participants to pick up and drop off their test kits (recommendations include any accessible but secluded area such as an entryway, outside space, or area that can be partitioned, etc.)
  • Set up your test kit pick up and drop off station with test kits, the 11×17 signage, registration fliers, and sample collection bin you received in your shipment. The signage and registration fliers have also been sent to you multiple languages via email from Color, please print copies in all of the languages your population will need.
  • Create a shipping plan that works for you. Plan to pack samples at the end of each testing day, and plan to drop off your samples at a nearby dropbox location or work with your Remote Market Manager to schedule pickups.
What will be my ongoing responsibilities to support the testing site?
  • Make sure test kits, registration fliers, the sample drop-off bin and signage are available and accessible to participants. If your testing station is outside, you will need to set up and take down the testing station each day.
  • Pack and ship test samples at the end of each testing day by taking them to a dropbox location, or scheduling pickups.
  • Reorder test kits and return shipping materials when necessary.
  • Work with the Color support team to set hours of operation.
  • Lightly monitor site throughout the day to answer questions from community members, and direct them to Color support for additional questions.
Am I required to monitor the testing process?

No, you are not required to monitor the test process or be available to answer questions. Just ensure tests are available for pick up and at the end of the day, close the return shipping box, seal it and arrange for the tests to be shipped via FedEx, UPS or courier. This process does not require directly handling samples.

How do I order additional testing supplies or return materials?

Testing kits will be ordered through an order from available at this link:

The password to access the form is sent to you via email.

Do the kits expire?

The kits expire, but not for a few years. Color will provide updates as well if/when manufacturer guidelines change.

Can I ship the samples out the day after they are collected?

We highly recommend that you ship the samples out the day they are returned. They must be processed in a lab no more than 56 hours after collection. If any sample does not get picked up by a shipping partner, it must be dropped off at a drop box the same day or else the samples will expire.

Safety Information

How do I mitigate risk from symptomatic/exposed individuals coming to my site?

Considerations for mitigating risk include:

  • Setting up your testing site outside or in a designated area for participants to pick up and drop off as needed
  • Create customized signage with your phone number so a participant can sit in their car and call to have a kit brought out to them
  • Stay tuned for longer term solutions from the program including vending machines and kiosks
Is it safe for me to handle biohazard samples?

When preparing the samples for shipment, it is recommended to wear gloves and/or practice good hand hygiene including washing hands immediately after packing the samples.

Samples are double contained in a sealed biohazard bag and are thus very low risk. When preparing the samples for shipment, avoid touching the interior of the red bag and close the red biohazard bag from the top and outside. Once the bag is closed, the samples will be triple contained and not a risk to the handler. The outside of the bag is not contaminated and is similar to a regular trash bag.

The samples within the bag do not contain liquid, so there is minimal risk of any spills or aerosolization.

Once the shipment has been prepared and is labeled correctly as Infectious Category B materials with the UN3373 diamond, the package is ready for transport. After this is complete, the person preparing the sample should wash their hands. Additional information on proper hand hygiene can be found through the CDC’s website.

Does this process create biohazard waste?

There is no biohazard waste created with this testing process, all elements of the test are placed back into the bag and shipped to the lab. All used testing material can be discarded in normal trash receptacles.