For site support, reach out to the Color team at 844-531-0545 or complete this support form.

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm ET and Saturday – Sunday, 8:30am to 7pm ET. 


Patient Support

To cancel or reschedule appointments, patients can follow the link in the appointment confirmation email/text they received when first signing up for an appointment. If they have questions about how to schedule an appointment, please contact Color at 844-352-6567 or

If a patient has questions about the vaccine itself or what to expect at their vaccination appointment, they should contact the site operators.

User Support

How to create an account

Detailed steps to create a Color account can be found here.


How to log in to your Color account

Detailed steps to log in to your Color account can be found here.

Overview of the Onsite Tool

Additional details about the Onsite Tool can be found here.


Add “Roles” for yourself as a Site Manager under “Staff Management”

The self-serve site permissions tool allows Site Managers to add and remove permissions for site staff and themselves. Additional information on managing roles in the Staff Management Tool can be found here.


How to create a new site

This feature allows site managers to create new sites and carry-over staff site permissions. It can be used for partners that have multiple locations available for scheduling. Detailed steps on how to create a new site can be found here.


How to determine if a vaccine site is COVID-19, non-COVID-19 or both

Color support can determine this for you. Please contact support at 844-531-0545 or complete this support form.


What is my site’s Registry ID?

The Registry ID is the MIIS number. Please contact if you need assistance finding your MIIS PIN.

Patient check-in

Steps on how to check patients in on the Onsite tool can be found here.


On-the-Spot registration

The On-the-Spot Registration Tool allows onsite staff to enter individuals into the Color Vaccine Tool without an appointment. Learn how here.


Administering vaccinations

Learn how to administer vaccines using the Onsite Tool here.


How to edit vaccination records

Learn how to edit a vaccination record and resend the record if needed here.


Vaccinations on the fly

Watch a short video on how to add or remove vaccinations on the fly here.


Self-selection of booster dose

Watch a short video on the patient experience to register for a booster dose here.


COVID-19 additional/booster shots functionality

Patients may require additional doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more about the registration for patients scheduling a booster or additional dose appointment here

How to create a scheduling calendar

Detailed steps on how to create a calendar can be found here.


How to edit calendars

Learn how to edit calendars here.


How to delete patient appointments

Detailed steps for bulk appointments can be found here

To cancel individual appointments, please contact support at 844-531-0545 or complete this support form. You will need to provide the patient’s appointment ID. Please do not share PHI within the inquiry.


How to locate appointment IDs

Appointment IDs (also known as appointment numbers) can be found using the Onsite Tool or in Dashboards (for already vaccinated patients).

Onsite Tool: 

  • Log into your Color account and choose the relevant site in the Onsite Tool.
  • Select the Vaccination Tool and hit “Continue”.
  • Ensure the date in the top right is set to the date of the patient’s appointment or is set to “All Dates.”
  • Search by first or last name in the “Name” field.
  • When you’ve located the correct patient, you’ll see their appointment date/time and directly below that you’ll find their unique appointment number/ID.

Vaccinations PHI Dashboard: 

Appointments PHI Dashboard:

Learn how to manage inventory here.

Our vaccine patient experience allows individuals to select the vaccine that they need, schedule an appointment, and enter their registration information into the system. This can be done at the vaccine site. Learn more here.

Getting started with Color dashboards

Color Dashboards provide information on the statistics of vaccinations at a site and Protected Health Information when appropriate consent has been granted. Learn how to use dashboards here.


Using the dashboards to plan for COVID-19 booster manufacturer

Learn how to use the Appointments PHI dashboard to preview COVID-19 appointments here.

Color Software

If you’ve forgotten your password, click “Forgot password?” and check your email for further instructions. You will receive an email from “”. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder.

Please note that each staff member must have their own Color account.  Multiple users utilizing and logging into the same Color account can cause issues when individuals attempt to authenticate their accounts.


Logging in with MFA

Detailed steps on how to log in for the first time with MFA can be found here.


Unable to log in with MFA

Before trying to reset your MFA or reaching out to Support, try clearing your cache and/or logging in through a private browser window. If the issue persists, please try resetting your MFA (steps listed below).


Steps to open a private browser window by browser: 

Steps to to clear the cache/cookies by browser:


Resetting your MFA

Each user received a 24 character recovery code when MFA was initially setup for a Color account . If this code is available, please follow the steps below:

  • Select “Try Another Method” when prompted to authenticate your account.
  • On the “Other Methods” menu choose “Recovery code”.
  • Enter your 24 character recovery code.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to reset your MFA. 


If you do not have your recovery code please reach out to support by completing this support form to request a MFA reset.


Locked out of MFA – exceeded limit

If a verification code has been requested more than 10 times in an hour for the phone number associated with an MFA, the account will be locked and prevented from requesting a new code to log in for an hour. 


To request immediate access to the Color account, please contact Support by calling 844-531-0545 to request the account be unlocked.

If you need to add or remove access to Color’s digital onsite software for your site, please contact your Site Manager to submit a request. Site Managers have access to the self-serve site permissions tool. This tool allows site managers to add and remove permissions for site staff. Learn more here.

If you’ve attempted to create an account at and your email address is not accepted, you may already have an account created using that email address. 

Click “Forgot password?” and check your email for further instructions. You will receive an email from “”. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder.

You can check your connection strength using If your connection is strong but still not working on your tablet device, you can force quit the app by double-tapping the home button and swiping the app window up. You may need to sign back into the app.

Color’s Knowledge Base is a great resource for more information about the Color platform:

  • For information on the Onsite tool, please visit here
  • For information on patient registration, please visit here.
  • For information on vaccine dashboards, please visit here.

Additional questions

Please contact Color’s site support team. They can be directly reached at 844-531-0545 or via this support form

All billing inquiries related to Commonwealth Medicine can be directed to For all other billing inquiries, please reach out to

Contact our Support Team

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  • If urgent (in-clinic), call support: