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Color software

If the onsite tool isn’t working for any reason, you can collect samples using our backup paper intake form. Once the tool is working, please enter the information from the paper forms into the software before shipping samples to the lab.

Sign in to Color or create an account at We’ll send you an email to confirm your email address once you’ve created your account. After confirming, your account is ready for use.

To manage staff permissions, log in at, select the site you’d like to change permissions for, and click “Staff management: For managing staff and permissions”.


If you have issues accessing this tool, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your collection site name and the email(s) of the people to be added or removed.

Administrators using Color to register participants can view their name, date of birth (DOB), zip code, sex, email and phone number.


Administrators with PHI dashboard access can view name, DOB, zip code, sex, email, phone number, ethnicities, language preference, test result, and whether the patient opened their test result. They’ll also see the sample collection date, report release date, organization, and population/site.


In the aggregate dashboard, administrators cannot view any personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI). 

If you’re the organization lead, you automatically have access to the results dashboard. If you’re not the lead, please reach out to your lead to request access to Color dashboards.


The organization lead / dashboard administrator will have access to the access management tool, which allows them to edit user access to program dashboards. For more information about this tool, visit the Color knowledge base.

For an overview of the Color dashboards, including how to log in, data captured, and how to filter, head to our Color dashboards guide.

First, create an account at Then, log in at It may take a few days for your dashboard access to be authorized, so check back if it’s not immediately available.

Test kits & shipping

Color will automatically ship your initial kit and ship-back materials. This includes two week’s supply of testing kits. After your first shipment, you’re responsible for ordering those materials via our ALOM portal. Site administrators will receive access and instructions for this tool via email. You can use our inventory template to determine how much to order.

Orders accepted before 10:30am PST will be shipped out same-day. Orders accepted after 10:30am PST will be shipped out the following business day. Please note, weekend orders will process Monday mornings.

Be sure to verify your account via email. If you’re still having issues, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

There are specific expiration dates listed on components of the kits. Please destroy any unused, expired kits by placing them in the regular trash.

You’ll receive a return shipping box with pre-paid UPS labels along with your kit shipment. For more information on how to ship samples with UPS, refer to this flyer. For shipping questions, reach out to UPS Lab Customer Support at 1-844-487-7522.

Color Health
Attn: Color Lab
818 Mitten Rd,
Burlingame 94010


Please coordinate all deliveries with the lab at 661-495-3334.

To ensure your Hawaii shipments get to the lab within the 56 hour window, refer to this sheet for courier and UPS pickup times by zip code.

Participant FAQs

Presumptive positive results mean that the test was not able to confirm with adequate certainty that the patient’s sample has SARS-CoV-2 RNA present. Unsatisfactory results are issued for invalid or failed samples. In either case, we recommend that the participant re-tests.

At any time, a participant can log into Color at and check the status of their sample. 

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