Frequently Asked Questions



All SFUSD staff who have returned to in-person work must get tested for COVID-19.

Testing frequency depends on the California DPH Public Health Guidelines tier. In the purple, red, and orange tiers, 100% of in-person staff must get tested every two weeks. In the yellow tier, a random sample of 20% of in-person staff from the district must get tested every two weeks.

Yes–until public health guidelines change, staff who have been fully vaccinated must be tested for COVID-19 at the same frequency as everyone else.


Each school will test on a designated day of the week every two weeks. You can check your school’s testing dates and location on


You’ll use a self-swab, comfortable nasal swab test. On your testing day, you’ll pick up your kit, self-swab, and drop your sample in your school’s dropbox.  Each kit comes with detailed instructions on how to activate the kit, collect your sample, and repackage the kit.

For central office staff, you will pick up and drop off your sample at 555 Franklin. Testing is available at 555 Franklin every Monday and Thursday from 9 am – 4 pm. All in-person staff can test at this location as needed.

Results typically take 24-72 hours, and in practice our average turnaround is under 24 hours, though the actual time may vary.

When your test results become available, you’ll receive a text message and/or email notification that links to a HIPAA-compliant portal to view your results.


Staff returning to in-person work who refuse to be tested will be placed on unpaid administrative leave until agreeing to participate in the District’s testing program. The only exception is for staff who have a medical or religious exemption–If you’d like to file an accommodation request, visit the District’s ADA resources page.

No, staff must be tested through this program to meet return to work requirements.

You, the District’s nurse practitioner who ordered your test, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the District’s central administrator for the testing program will receive a copy of your results.


Color is a high complexity lab licensed under the Clinical Lab Improvements Amendments (CLIA), which requires our tests to be provider-ordered. We will also share your results with the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE), as required by law. 


The testing site administrator will also be made aware of any student or staff positive results to take the necessary response steps.

Testing positive

If you test positive, you’ll be asked to immediately isolate at home for at least 10 days. If you are able, you may work remotely during the isolation period. You’ll also receive follow up from SFUSD’s contact tracers to identify any close contacts in the workplace.

If you’ve tested positive, you may continue to test positive even after you are no longer contagious. You can return to work as long as the criteria to return to work from isolation has been met.


If you recently recovered from COVID-19 and your surveillance test result is positive, please share your recent positive test with your site administrator and COVID-19 central liaison, who can help you determine whether you can return to work. 


Also, via the CDC and SFDPH, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days, you do not have to quarantine if you have been exposed (i.e., are a close contact) to someone who is positive.


Questions about your test kit?
Contact us at or (844) 352-6567. 

Questions about your testing program?
Email your school’s designated health professional or call your school’s front office.