Welcome to Color’s COVID-19 Testing Program Guide

Thank you for partnering with Color to set up a COVID-19 testing program. This guide will cover:

  • Color’s software, which you’ll use to manage sample collection, return of results, and result monitoring
  • How to ship and store COVID-19 test kits


Your team will use Color’s software to activate kits and receive test results. Below are the steps you’ll need to take to set up your account.

Pre-testing setup

Here’s how to prepare for testing:


Create your Color account

Enter your organization email address and set up a password.

Once you’ve created your account, we’ll send you an email with a link to confirm your email address. After confirming, you can access your dashboards at home.color.com/admin/sign-in.


Determine your testing schedule

We recommend testing Monday–Thursday. This will help ensure samples get back to our lab within 24 hours and can be tested within the FDA-regulated window.

Your package includes FedEx Priority Overnight shipping labels (no Saturday delivery).


Designate kit pick-up and drop-off locations

Choose locations for kit pick-up and drop-off. Participants will pick up their kits, follow the included instructions to collect their samples, and drop the collected samples off for program administrators to ship to the lab.

What’s in each test kit:


  1. Swab
  2. Tube 
  3. Barcode card
  4. Biohazard bag
  5. Instructions card

How to Store Test Kits

Unused Kits

Store unused kits in a secure, shaded area without direct exposure to the sun or heat. The ideal storage temperature is room temperature (72-76 degrees Fahrenheit).

Collected Samples

Store collected kits in a covered bin in a secure, shaded area without direct exposure to the sun or heat. The ideal storage temperature is room temperature (72-76 degrees Fahrenheit). Packaged kits may be deposited in outdoor drop boxes in cold outdoor temperatures.

As a program administrator, you’re responsible for shipping collected samples to the lab within 24 hours after collection.

Please note: Kits may not be transferred to a different site or used for any purpose other than for sample collection. For safety reasons and to ensure specimen samples are not contaminated or damaged and results are accurate, unused kits may not be returned to Color once they are delivered to a collection site. Unused collection kits must be destroyed when the testing program ends. Kits have a shelf life of approximately 12 months, with specific expiration dates listed on components of the kits. Kits should be destroyed upon expiration.

Packing and shipping samples

Lab return packages

Lab return boxes fit 30 kits, and can be sent to our lab with as little as one kit. Return packages include the following:

  1. Return shipping boxes
  1. Large biohazard bag
  2. UN 3373 sticker
  3. Paper manifest

Packing a Return Shipment

  1. Fill out a paper manifest form. Make sure you fill out the lab (Color), organization name, number of samples in the package, and collection date fields.
  2. Place 1-30 sealed individual specimen bags into a large biohazard bag
  3. Write the manifest number on the outside of the bag, include the manifest in the bag, and seal.
  4. Place the large biohazard bag inside the return shipping box.
  5. Write the manifest number on the outside of the package.
  6. Adhere the UN 3373 sticker and FedEx shipping label.

FedEx shipping

Locate your nearest FedEx dropbox at www.color.com/fedex-dropbox. Be sure to determine the latest pick-up or drop-off time and requirements for your nearest dropbox and record the 12-digit FedEx tracking number.


Please note, FedEx does not ship between Saturday afternoon and Sunday end of day, so it’s best to avoid testing during this time.

Shipping address

All samples should be shipped attention to:

Color – COVID
839 Mitten Road
Suite 100, Side Door
Burlingame, CA 94010