Takeda | Color COVID-19 testing program

Welcome! Color is partnering with Takeda to expand access to COVID-19 testing.

Please see important information below about timing.

Claim your kit


Claim your kit.


Receive your kit.


Activate your kit.


Get your results.

1. Claim your kit.

When you claim your kit, you will be asked for the date when you need your results. You must claim your kit at least 10 days before you need your results.

There is a specific window of time in which your results will be valid ahead of an event, such as a return to work or campus, or a flight. We use your results date to calculate when to remind you to activate and return your kit. Please pay attention to emails and texts from Color about when to activate your kit, collect your sample, and return your kit.

2. Receive your kit.

Keep it in a safe place until you are notified that it’s time to activate your kit, collect your sample, and return the kit. If you activate your kit earlier than specified, your results may not be valid.

3. Activate your kit.

You will do this at color.com/covid/activate. Use the email address and password that you used to set up your account when you claimed your kit. You must activate your kit, collect your sample, and return your kit to a FedEx drop box on the same day. 

Because of return shipping limitations, it’s very important to know where your local FedEx drop box is and what the latest pickup time is on the day that you will activate. Find information about locations and pickup hours at color.com/fedex-dropbox. FedEx won’t accept samples on a Sunday. Saturday pickup times are limited.

4. Get your results.

Most people will receive results within 48 hours after their sample arrives at the lab, but this time may vary. We’ll text and email you when your results are ready.


Claim your kit



Questions about your test kit? Contact us at mycovidtest@color.com or call (844) 352-6567.
Questions about your testing program? Contact your Coronavirus Case Manager (CCM).

Your kit will be shipped to you via FedEx. You will receive a tracking number and expected delivery date. Tracking information may not be available for 24 hours. The kit includes everything that you need to collect your sample and return the kit.

We will let you know by email and text when you can activate your kit. Do not activate your kit or collect your sample before advised.


In order to get your results on time, Color must receive your kit in the lab 48 hours before you need your results. So we ask you to activate between 72 and 48 hours from when you need your results. Note that sometimes you will need to return your kit earlier depending on FedEx drop box hours in your location.

If the date when you need your results changes, you can update it on color.com. Log in at color.com and navigate to your dashboard. You’ll see a link to change your results date. You can do this any time before you activate your kit.

Request a new kit or travel as planned and quarantine upon arrival.

Request a new kit or travel as planned and quarantine upon arrival.

Please drop off your kit at the nearest FedEx drop box as soon as you can. Be sure to check the schedule ahead of time before activating your kit.


If you miss the FedEx drop box time, your test result may return failed. If this happens, request a new kit or travel as planned and quarantine upon arrival.

Color can only accept U.S. shipping addresses at this time. Our team is working to expand our offering and we apologize for any inconvenience.