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Read the full story here: The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a partnership aimed at increasing access and adherence to cancer screening and prevention.

The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a new partnership.

Increase access to primary and preventive care, when and where it’s needed

What is Essential Care?

Bringing better care into daily life

Color’s Essential Care Program makes prevention and taking action convenient and cost-effective for everyone. The program provides access to testing and screening for high-burden diseases, combined with clinical consults and personalized health evaluations — all from the comfort of home, at the worksite, or wherever is most convenient. Once results are delivered, Color’s experienced team of healthcare providers and care navigation specialists ensure each and every person gets the full care and attention they deserve, ensuring specific care plan goals are met.

No long wait times, no going from one office to the next.
It’s healthcare the way it should be.


Here is the Essential Care difference:

It’s fast.

It can take weeks to get a traditional lab appointment and even longer for a doctor’s appointment. Essential Care participants get results in 2-3 days, and meet with a healthcare provider to discuss those results within 24 hours.

It’s convenient.

Essential Care Kits can be used at home. No need to run across town for a doctor’s appointment or visit a lab.

It’s informative.

Participants get information that they can act on immediately plus help figuring out next steps. Essential Care screens for a wide variety of conditions, from diabetes to cancer.

It doesn’t stop with a test.

Participants connect with a healthcare provider, who helps with understanding the results and recommends any necessary follow up care. Care Navigators help execute on those steps.

It’s comprehensive.

For eligible participants, we can support them with enrolling in available care management programs — for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, behavioral health needs, and more. Color offers these programs directly, or can provide warm handoffs to other benefits platforms.

Coverage for what’s important

Essential Care covers the most important health components of a primary care visit, all while taking less time and incurring less cost than traditional care workflows.

Care Navigation
Primary Care
Color’s Essential
Care Program
*Feature is not standard or has limited availability
Risk Identification
Multi-channel access
(at-home, worksite, community setting)
Covered Covered Not covered Covered
Health questionnaire Partial coverage* Covered Covered Covered
Mental health screening Not covered Not covered Covered Covered
Vitals and blood work Not covered Covered Covered Covered
Clinical and blood work review Not covered Covered Covered Covered
Vaccinations Not covered Not covered Covered Covered
On-demand care support Covered Partial coverage* Not covered Covered
Follow Up
Specialist referrals Covered Not covered Covered Covered
Benefits routing Covered Partial coverage* Not covered Covered
Population health insights Covered Partial coverage* Not covered Covered
Ongoing condition management Not covered Not covered Partial coverage* Covered
How It Works

Essential Care for Enterprises:
A simpler model to address high-burden conditions

Essential Care Kit


Eligible employees create a Color account and enroll to claim an Essential Care Kit.

Kits can be sent anywhere convenient for the participant.

Essential Care Sample Instructions

Assessment and screening

Initial screenings are completed through a small finger prick and a blood pressure reading; results are returned digitally.

Support (e.g. videos and visual guides) is provided to make sure sample collection is done properly.

Essential Care How It Works Results Screen

Results and follow-up

Results are released and employees are prompted to schedule an on-demand visit with a clinician. Before the appointment they complete a brief online comprehensive health history assessment. A clinician answers any questions and routes to relevant follow-up care.

Essential Care Ongoing Care

Ongoing care needs

Participants are handed off to appropriate benefit programs or Color Care Management. Care navigation services are provided to help support taking the next step.

Color provides results to employees’ providers and aggregate results to Benefits administrators.

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