Meet data-driven healthcare.

Color is the only genetics-driven platform that enables the delivery of personalized care to improve health at scale.

Richer relationships with patients

Precision data, including clinical-grade genetics, combined with best-in-class engagement software and tools activates patients and their families.

Informed health decisions

Individual-level risk assessment models help target clinical resources to deliver quality care at scale.

Efficient clinical services

Remove traditional constraints on capacity by virtualizing resource-intensive workflows.

Drive behavior changes such as adherence, compliance, and lifestyle choices to impact outcomes.

Activating modern healthcare delivery

  • Use genetics as a tool to acquire and retain patients rin a competitive environment.
  • Gain a unique depth of insight to help manage your patient population—at both the individual and population level.

  • Drive desired behavior by offering convenient digital onboarding and activation to relevant care pathways.

  • Overhaul your cost structure through technology that increases the efficiency of clinical services outside of the physical system.

Modernize Your Care Delivery

Transform your employees’ engagement in their health decisions.

  • Introduce personal context to healthcare decisions

  • Engage employees in your broader benefits program with personalized routing

  • Mitigate costly health events by helping high-risk populations earlier

  • Inform benefits planning with aggregated insights into your population’s health

Engage Your Employees

* Do not change or stop taking any medicine based on a genetic test report without consulting your healthcare provider. This test is not intended to inform you about your current state of health, including whether or not you should take a medication or how much you should take. This test does not diagnose any health conditions and is not a substitute for visiting your health care provider. Discuss the results of the genetic test with your healthcare provider, including whether the medication label includes information on how to use genetic information to determine dosage. Medicine should always be taken as prescribed by your healthcare provider.