Welcome to the Louisiana
Department of Health’s
Safer, Smarter Schools
COVID-19 testing program
in partnership with Color

Get tested. Get protected. Get back to what you love.


Program Overview

LDH will provide staff, funding, rapid molecular testing materials, and training for your school staff to run a routine COVID-19 testing program. Here’s an overview of how you’ll run your program:

Onboarding & Site Setup

These pages detail the steps and decisions necessary to complete onboarding and set up your testing sites.

Identify your testing team

It takes a team to run an effective testing program, and we recommend selecting people from  across your organization for the roles below.

District Director
School Lead
Testing Administrator

District director

Lead the strategy for a district’s testing program, including selecting testing modalities and deciding testing policies. They’ll identify collection sites and the school lead for each collection site.

The school lead will automatically assume the role of the district director if an independent school isn’t part of a district.

Color Access

  • Access management, to edit team member access to dashboards
  • Results dashboards for all schools

School lead

Responsible for all testing at a collection site. They identify testing administrators, distribute testing supplies, and prepare samples for shipment to the lab.

Color Access

  • Access management, to edit team member access to the school dashboard
  • Results dashboard for their school

Testing Administrator

Testing administrators set up testing stations and oversee sample collection. They’ll use CUE to record which participants provide samples. At least one testing administrator should be selected for each testing station.

Sign up for Color accounts

All staff must create Color accounts. Here’s how it works:


District director creates account


District director gives access to school leads


School Leads create accounts


School leads give access to testing administrators


Testing administrators create accounts

How to create a Color account

Set up testing stations

Testing stations are where participants provide their samples.

There can be multiple testing stations within each collection site, like in individual classrooms, or one in a central location, like the cafeteria or nurses office. Please refer to the instruction materials provided by the manufacturer of your tests for details on what is necessary at a testing station.

How participants register and receive results
2. With assistance

For participants or parents/guardians without access to technology or who need additional assistance, schools can set up a device on site that can be used to access the registration links.

Schools can set up a hotline, staffed by people familiar with the registration process that can provide additional support.