Keep life consistent — and testing simple — with routine K-12 COVID-19 testing.

K-12 age kids are adaptable to new routines — and research has proven that predictable testing is better for the emotional and physical wellbeing of students than unpredictable school closures. Knowing what’s coming next helps them feel safe and provides peace of mind.

Along with PerkinElmer, Color supports HHS Operation ET’s free COVID-19 screening services in Hawai’i. It’s easy to set up and administer, with minimal requirements or time commitment on the part of you or your staff.

Fast. Easy. Free.

With Color & PerkinElmer, testing takes less than five minutes out of the school day.


Order Your Kits

Order more kits on our user-friendly portal. Use Color’s posters, flyers, and email templates to let your school know when testing is available.


Distribute the Tests

Collecting samples is quick and easy for kids and staff with comfortable self-swab kits.


Ship Samples Back

Use provided UPS Healthcare labels to ship tests back to the lab.


Get the Results

Participants receive a link to HIPAA-secure results. Schools have real-time access with an intuitive dashboard.

Plus, get everything else you need to run a testing program at your school:


  • Onboarding that includes a website, videos and regular office hours

  • Easy self-swab test kits, plus free return packaging and shipping to the lab

  • Dedicated Color support staff, including patient support via phone and email

  • Dashboards to help you manage school health and track positive results

  • Community resources, including posters, flyers, and email templates

Ensure the health and safety of your school and community.

Through Color’s partnership with PerkinElmer, the federal government, and the Hawai’i Department of Health, you can help ensure the health and safety of your students, faculty and staff.

  • 380+ schools onboarded

  • 15K+ PCR tests processed

If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Schedule a call with a Color representative.

Testing is more critical than ever.

Even with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines for students 5 and over, testing is still an essential part of the fight against COVID-19 spread. Testing helps identify infected students and staff early, even if they show few or no symptoms.

In Utah, a testing program saved 13 schools over 109k in-person days. Download this PDF to read more about how routine COVID-19 testing reduces infection spread.

Ready to get started?

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