Welcome to the
Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ReadyCheckGo™ Testing
Program, in partnership
with Color Health

For Cincinnati Public Schools

Sign up today for free COVID-19 individual PCR testing for students and staff.

Cincinnati Public Schools partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Color Health to offer COVID-19 individual PCR testing for asymptomatic students and MD, AU, and preschool staff. Each participant will receive their own result and in case of a positive, no reflex testing is required.


Starting March 7, 2022: 


All testing conducted will be individual PCR testing.

For staff

Please register for testing before your first testing day. We’ll send your results to the mobile phone number and email you provide when registering.

For students
18 years or older

Students 18 years old or older can register and consent for testing themselves.

We’ll send your results to the mobile phone number and email you provide when registering.

For students
under 18

Parents or guardians must register on behalf of a student under 18 years old.

We’ll send their results to the mobile phone number and email you provide when registering.

If your child is already registered for the existing surveillance program, no need to re-register.

If your child is not currently registered, or if you opted out previously, register for testing in minutes with Color’s secure and user-friendly registration, below.

To get started, register for testing

You only need to register for testing once.


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    Routine/frequent testing helps identify coronavirus infections quickly and before symptoms arise, which can reduce in-school transmission and help keep your child healthier. 

    Testing is available to students, MD, AU, and preschool teachers and staff who are not showing symptoms. This program is not part of mandatory weekly staff testing.

    Individual PCR test results will be sent to the mobile phone number and email on your Color account in 24-48 hours after testing.

    Swabbing is quick, easy, and comfortable. Our nasal swabs are short, about the size of a cotton swab, and only need to be inserted into the nose up to the edge of the cotton.

    Each child will take about two minutes to swab, so testing an entire classroom takes about 10-15 minutes per day.

    Your child’s results are shared with you, the parent or guardian, the ordering physician, and the appropriate local or state authority. Depending on your program, school administrators may also have access to results.

    For programs using individual molecular PCR testing, you’ll register your child as a dependent on your own Color account. Your child’s results will be sent to the email or phone number on your account.

    Your school’s testing team can see which children are registered for testing in the Color platform. The testing team likely includes principals, teachers, and testing administrators or health services staff.

    According to the CDC, children are more likely than adults to be asymptomatic, meaning they don’t show signs of sickness when infected with COVID-19. That means that kids who appear healthy can still spread the virus to their teachers and peers. Testing everyone regardless of symptoms helps stop the spread of COVID-19, whether it’s symptomatic, asymptomatic, or presymptomatic (which means they’ve recently been infected but haven’t developed symptoms yet). The best way to avoid undetected infections and stop the spread is frequent, consistent testing for everyone.

    The best way to support testing is to provide consent for your child to be tested. You only need to do this once.

    For more information, head to the CPS website