Top 3 questions to ask when considering taking a BRCA test

When considering a genetic test to learn your risk for hereditary cancer, it’s important to consider a few factors when choosing the right test for you. Here are three essential questions to ask when weighing the choices:

  1. Is the test comprehensive?

Does the test cover the full genes, or just a few mutations?

2. Are the results medically actionable?

Some tests also include helpful services so you can act on your results, like genetic counseling and easy integration with your provider.

3. What technology is used?

Some types of testing, such as next generation sequencing, are more comprehensive than others.

Genetic testing is a personal decision, and we strongly encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider about the benefits and limitations of the available options for you. You can also feel free to contact our team of board-certified genetic counselors if you have questions about Color’s tests. Learning information about hereditary conditions can be empowering and actionable, and it’s important to take the time to educate yourself and take control of your health.

Lauren Ryan is a licensed and certified senior genetic counselor at Color Genomics. Before joining as Color’s first genetic counselor, she worked at the University of California San Francisco’s Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program providing clinical genetic counseling to a large oncology population. She has presented at the National Society of Genetic Counselors meeting and is published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Radiology, and the Journal of Genetic Counseling.

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