The Population Genomics Platform Playbook

An essential guide for building and scaling a population genomics program

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Leverage the power of genetics, digital patient engagement, and analytics to accelerate research and insights across all aspects of the life sciences value chain

Our platform provides a scalable, cost-effective way to:

  • Build and track longitudinal indication-specific, population-specific, or broad research cohorts
  • Engage participants longitudinally through digital relationships and collect data on an ongoing basis
  • Generate uniform research and clinical-grade genetic and phenotypic data assets
  • Deploy novel analytics in life science research, including polygenic risk scoring, cohort stratification, and target discovery
  • Augment the participant experience and increase enrollment and engagement through return of genetic results and related information, along with access to genetic counselors and related resources
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The leading integrated end-to-end platform for engaged population-scale research

User-Centered Digital
Engagement Platform

  • Custom program-specific landing pages
  • Clinical and research e-consent and participant data collection workflows
  • Ongoing engagement and scheduled interactions with high response rate for participant recontact and longitudinal data ingestion
  • Return of genetic results to participants
  • Access to Color’s board-certified genetic counselors

Logistics &
Laboratory Infrastructure

  • Integrated logistics supporting distributed sample collection and tracking
  • State-of-the-art CLIA/CAP NGS lab for efficient sequencing, including clinical, research grade low-coverage WGS, and deep whole-genome sequencing

Advanced Bioinformatics
& Analytics

  • Sample interpretation and clinical validation
  • Cohort segmentation
  • Advanced genomics algorithms and polygenic risk scores calculation
  • Customizable research analytics and machine learning tools

A few of our research collaborators

Color partners with some of the world’s top scientists, research organizations, and advocacy groups to support population health research.

Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.

Advisor, Scientific Collaborator

Geneticist and Professor of Genome Sciences and Medicine at the University of Washington. Recipient of the National Medal of Science.

Sekar Kathiresan, M.D.

Advisor, Scientific Collaborator

CEO of Verve Therapeutics.

Heidi Rehm, Ph.D., F.A.C.M.G.

co-PI, Scientific Collaborator

Medical Director of the Clinical Research Sequencing Platform at the Broad Institute.

Highly Efficient Genetic Sequencing Capability

We automate and streamline large parts of the sequencing process. Compared to current best-in-class laboratories, Color helps you generate research and clinical-grade whole genome sequencing at 2-5x lower cost, with faster turnaround times and higher quality than many of the existing genetic datasets. We can also help with participant outreach and gathering data from participants on an ongoing basis.

User-Centered Digital Engagement Platform

Our platform provides a user-friendly experience throughout the research process and can help lead to faster and higher rates of participant recruitment. To start, Color supports digital enrollment and e-consent of participants for both clinical and research purposes. We also enable longitudinal participant engagement and data collection, while providing return of clinical, genetic results, access to genetic counselors, and information and recommendations tailored to their health and risks.

Advanced Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Tools

Using low-coverage whole genome sequencing, we can process millions of variants to surface genotypic – phenotypic associations at a very high speed and develop advanced polygenic risk scores for use in research applications. We have also developed a variety of machine learning algorithms that boost the performance of genomic technologies including one that supports variant classification, and another that determines the accuracy of variant calls in sequencing data.

Color Research Initiatives and Partnerships

The All of Us Research Program

As the All of Us Genetic Counseling Resource, Color will provide genetic counseling and technological infrastructure for the All of Us Research Program, which aims to recruit one million participants. This award is in addition to Color’s ongoing funding as one of the All of Us Clinical Validation Laboratories.

Learn more about All of Us


In collaboration with Dr. Laura Essermen at University of California and the Sanford Health system, Color is providing genetic testing for WISDOM, a 100,000-woman study that is comparing annual screenings with personalized, risk-based breast cancer screenings.

Learn more about WISDOM

Color Data: the largest public database of its kind

Containing aggregated genetic and clinical information from 50,000 individuals who took a Color test, Color Data helps researchers and scientists identify genotype-phenotype correlations and novel variants for functional analysis, as well as enables data-driven discoveries and development.

Explore Color Data to accelerate research ›

FLOSSIES: genetic sequencing for 10,000 Fabulous Ladies Over Seventy

In collaboration with the Women’s Health Initiative and Dr. Mary-Claire King at the University of Washington, Color provided genetic sequencing for the cohort of 10,000 Fabulous Ladies Over Seventy (FLOSSIES). This is the largest publicly-available dataset of genetic variants associated with hereditary cancer in healthy, older individuals.

Explore the FLOSSIES site ›

ClinVar: facilitating research and discovery around genetics and human health

Color contributes anonymized variants to ClinVar – a free database managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that helps researchers identify links between genes and disease.

Learn more about Color’s contributions to ClinVar ›

Research by Color

See peer-reviewed publications, white papers, and research posters on a variety of topics from the Color team and our collaborators.

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