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Read the full story here: The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a partnership aimed at increasing access and adherence to cancer screening and prevention.

The American Cancer Society and Color Health announce a new partnership.

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Who will your employee call if they’re diagnosed with cancer?


For anyone with a full-time job, navigating a cancer diagnosis can feel like another full-time job. That’s why care advocacy has become such a sticking point for leaders when designing benefits packages. 

In a McKinsey survey from last year, about 41% of employers said they do or “definitely will” offer advocacy programs this year. It’s a trend that not only shows the necessity of care advocacy but also its inherent financial benefit. 

Put simply, a care advocate is the person you call when navigating the administrative jungle of a health crisis. They ensure that all the bells and whistles of a health insurance package work in harmony, which means dramatically lower costs for you and your company. No doubling up coverage. No missing claims. No random out-of-network surprise fees.

In the face of cancer, there are too many dots to connect; too many claims to get right; too much money to lose on account of logistics. For all parties involved, care advocates keep cancer costs in check. No cancer strategy is complete without them.