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Provide individuals, clinicians, and researchers with genetic information to guide health care

Genetic testing & counseling

Color offers one of the most accessible, clinical-grade genetic testing services available today, analyzing genes associated with risk for common cancers and heart conditions — and how the body may process certain medications.

Genomics Research

Color offers an end-to-end solution to enable researchers to enroll participants into research studies and return clinical genetic results. We work with researchers to support the research needs of their community.

Color’s lab team and processes
generate results you can trust

Our CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory uses next-generation sequencing,
advanced liquid-handling robots, and customized software to ensure the integrity
of our results.


Color performed blinded validation studies to assess the validity of our genetic tests, and all genetic variants were detected with >99% sensitivity and 100% concordance. To read our technical validation papers, peer-reviewed publications,and research posters, visit our Research page.

Illustration representing the Color genomics dashboards and validating a sample


The quality of every sample is checked multiple times as it moves through the sequencing process and as the data is interpreted. A board-certified medical geneticist or pathologist reviews every result before it is released.

Illustration of two medical professionals working on computer and tablet looking at genetic data

State-of-the-art variant classification

Color’s infrastructure provides our team the ability to work quickly and efficiently as they classify variants according to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) guidelines, and integrate new data to re-evaluate variants over time.

Illustration of man with glasses looking at computer

Secondary confirmations

Likely pathogenic and pathogenic variants, including single nucleotide variants, insertions and deletions, and structural variants, are confirmed by an alternative technology according to Color’s internal protocols.*

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Software, Services and Logistics customized for your needs

Man sitting on the ground with a dog and laptop, and three Color health option screens overlayed

Digital activation and engagement

We provide a suite of services, tools, and expertise to help you enroll new patients and activate them into care journeys relevant to them over time. We use a more complete view of patient health, incorporating an individual’s genetics, personal & family health history, and lifestyle & behavior information to surface and recommend specific care or point solutions that patients can take advantage of based on their personal risks.

Read more about Color’s end-to-end solutions for genetic sequencing in the Population Genomics Platform Playbook.

Woman video chatting with a geneticist
Clinical Services

Trusted, board-certified and licensed genetic counselors

As part of every Color program, genetic counseling consultations are available to physicians and patients on an ongoing basis. Our team of board-certified and licensed genetic counselors provide a personalized experience — we answer questions, provide education, offer support to patients and their families, and consult directly with physicians and care teams to help ensure that results lead to actionable and relevant next steps.

Products Genomics Protected Results

PHI-protected results and interoperable sharing

As a HIPAA covered entity, Color follows all HIPAA privacy and security rules for safeguarding PHI.

We are proud to deliver the most advanced cancer care and provide access to critical genetic information for all of our patients to help them create a personalized care plan. This exciting new partnership demonstrates our shared goal of opening up access to potentially life-saving genetic information and helping people lead healthier lives.

Karen E. Knudsen Ph.D., Director
NCI-Designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Meet the Color provider community.

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* Certain exceptions apply. Variants will not be confirmed if, after testing, there is insufficient DNA available for secondary confirmation. Variants called at high confidence ( will be reported without secondary confirmation if the variant has been confirmed at least three times in previous carriers.