Learn about common traits that are influenced by your genes.

Discover genetic insights about your preferences, appearance, fun facts, and more.

Genetic differences make us unique.


We are more than 99% similar to each other, yet there are parts of our genes that make us different. These differences are called genetic variants.

Some genetic variants can impact your risk for certain health conditions, such as hereditary cancer and heart disease, or how you respond to medications.

Others influence traits – from your facial features to taste preferences – that make you unique. In Color Discovery, we investigate the connection between your genes and common traits.

Explore what makes you, you!

While genes can tell you a lot about yourself, they are only part of the story. Other variables like your environment, lifestyle, and factors still under research can influence your traits.



Sometimes, a single gene is linked to a trait. But often, many genes are involved.


Lifestyle and environment

For many traits, factors like your diet, activity level, or pollution can play a role.


Ongoing research

As science continues to evolve we will learn more about what impacts our traits.

Let’s take dairy for example

Factors that can impact dairy digestion

Your ability to digest dairy, for example, is a product of your genes, gut bacteria, and lifestyle choices like how much lactose is in your diet.

How genes come into play

Your genes determine how much lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose in dairy products, your body produces. If lactase levels in your body are low, then consuming dairy can lead to digestion issues.

Get a glimpse into what you’ll learn with Color Discovery.

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Lactose Intolerance


Alcohol Flush Response


Earwax Type


Asparagus Odor Detection


Bitter Taste Perception


Cilantro Preference

Unlike Color’s clinical-grade tests, Color Discovery is not intended for use in making medical decisions.

Not associated with health risk

Color Discovery is different from Color’s clinical-grade tests, where having a mutation is associated with significant medical conditions such as hereditary cancer and heart disease.

Based on developing science

Genetic information from Color Discovery is based on developing science that may change in the future. It is not intended for clinical use or to provide medical advice.

Not definitive

Traits are not always 100% influenced by genetic changes, and having a certain genetic change may not mean you have a certain trait.

Less accurate for certain ethnicities

Some traits are more accurate for people of certain ethnicities or genetic ancestries than for others.

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