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A clinical grade test you can get started with from home


Provide a saliva sample at home (it helps to think of lemons) and send it back to Color.


A physician will review your information and follow-up with questions, if needed.


Results are ready in just a few weeks.


Free 1:1 phone calls with a genetic counselor to get answers.

Receive reports designed to help you and your doctor make better decisions.

  • Outcome of genetic analysis, and if changes in your genes increase your risk for cancer, heart disease, or atypical processing of medications.
  • Impact for your family members based on your results.
  • Recommended screening guidelines based on your genetic results and family history from experts like NCCN.
  • PDF report to bring with you to your next doctor’s appointment, or to share securely.
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Sequence once, learn again and again

Your genes don’t change, but science does. Color stays up to date with the latest science, so expect to see more over time.


Ongoing Discovery insights

Continue to learn new traits and insights beyond the initial traits you receive.



Let us know of changes in your or your family’s health and we’ll review if it impacts your results.

Get free phone consultations to better
understand your results

Once you have results, you can get guidance from Color’s in-
house genetic counselors.


  • Walk through of your results and family history
  • Learn how your results could impact relatives
  • Discuss the best questions to ask your doctor

Doctors order Color

Color’s clinical-grade tests are ordered by a physician who reviews your information to decide if testing is right for you, or your own physician.

Seamless experience

After you provide a sample, Color can connect you with a provider from an independent physician network who will review your information and can order testing on your behalf. If any questions arise, they will contact you.

Clinical grade and actionable

Color’s cancer, heart, and medication health areas focus on genetic results that have clear next steps for you and your doctor*.

Easy and supported

Color can send reports to additional doctor’s offices securely, and provide questions for you to ask your doctor.

What you need to know

Genetics is complicated. Here are some really important things you should know about genetic testing.

Don’t make health decisions without your doctor.

Making changes without your doctor, like stopping medications or skipping mammograms, could do more harm than good. A genetic counselor can give you tools for talking with your doctor.

Your results may change over time.

Genetics is a growing body of knowledge that changes rapidly. If advancements in the underlying science affect your results, we’ll update your report.

Genetics is important, but it doesn’t explain everything.

Most cancers, heart diseases, and drug reactions are not inherited, and are strongly influenced by other factors like age, lifestyle, and environment.

Taking a test is personal – we work hard to keep

your information secure.

Color abides by HIPAA, the same standards doctors use in safeguarding your information. And you
have choices, like who you share your results with.

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Get to know what your genes say about your risk for common hereditary cancers and heart conditions, plus how your body processes certain medications.

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* Risk information and screening guidelines in results are typically based on studies of individuals with a family history of the disorder being discussed. Medical management should be considered also taking into account on your personal and family history.