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Color - The Population Genomics Platform Playbook

The Population Genomics Platform Playbook

A step-by-step guide outlining the core architectural elements required to implement a successful population genomics program.

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Color announces $75 million funding round

Fortune Exclusive details $75 million funding round led by T. Rowe Funds and Viking Global Investors.

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J.P. Morgan 2020: Population Genetics: Government and Private Endeavors Bear Fruit

A panel discussion at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020 featuring Color Chief Commercial Officer Caroline Savello and Head of Research and Scientific Affairs Alicia Zhou.

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NIH and Color partner on All of Us Research Program

As one of the All of Us Clinical Validation Laboratories, Color is responsible for the return of genomic results for the All of Us Research Program, which aims to recruit one million participants.

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Color CEO Othman Laraki @ Fortune Brainstorm Health

Color’s CEO discusses how the healthcare industry doesn’t necessarily need more whizbang technology – it’s about putting the customer experience first.

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Color to Collaborate with Sanford Health, Expand NorthShore Partnership

Color announces partnership with rural health system Sanford Health on its Imagenetics program, and expands its partnership with NorthShore University Health System.

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Color’s Alicia Zhou @ TEDx: Dispelling Genetic Myths

Alicia talks about the value of knowing your genetic makeup and how that information allows you to become the driver of your health vs. simply being a passenger.

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15,000 Sessions: A Genetic Counseling Milestone

In Summer 2019, we celebrated our 15,000th genetic counseling session, reflecting our strong belief in making genetic information meaningful and useful to everyone that uses Color.

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Color and Verily Partnership

Color, Verily to Return Actionable Genetic Data to Project Baseline Participants

The Project Baseline Health Study is Verily’s four-year initiative to collect comprehensive health information to better understand health and the transition to disease.

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March 12-13, 2020

Conference Board – New York, NY
The Employee Health Care Conference series covers how emergent science and technology is applied towards practical and effective strategies and programs for developing and delivering benefits to employees.

March 17-21, 2020

ACMG – San Antonio, TX
Hosted by The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), its annual clinical genetics meeting offers a look at the latest research, therapies, and practical implementation.

See Color at booth #926.

March 24, 2020

The Wall Street Journal Health Forum – Washington D.C.
The Health Forum brings together business leaders, policy makers, scientists, and other experts to discuss a range of topics, including the race to explore the human genome for medical breakthroughs, how and why new drugs are developed, and how the 2020 election could alter policy across the health sector.

March 26-27, 2020

Conference Board – San Diego, CA
The Employee Health Care Conference series covers how emergent science and technology is applied towards practical and effective strategies and programs for developing and delivering benefits to employees.

Client Stories

Don’t just take our word for it – see how Color’s changing lives.

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For Carla and Kim, two sisters with a history of breast cancer, genetic testing was the final piece of the puzzle explaining why breast cancer has been in their family for three generations.

Lauren doesn’t have a family history of cancer and wouldn’t have gotten tested if it weren’t for her son. Now, she has been able to help her siblings, nieces and nephews get informed.

“We don’t ever want to have to uproot our lives to cancer. If we could have the information at our fingertips, wouldn’t we want it that way?”

Physician & Provider Resources

To learn more about ordering Color kits for patients, including requisition and consent forms, sample reports, billing, brochures, and more, visit our provider resources page.

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