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Behavioral and Mental Health

Support your community’s behavioral and mental health with Color

Color’s behavioral health offering is designed to bring high-quality care to more people, where they are, when they need it.

  • Timely connection to screening and counseling
  • Screening, counseling, and resources embedded in schools, libraries, and more
  • Multilingual and culturally appropriate

Behavioral health is an emerging public health crisis.

1 in 5

Number of American adults who suffer from a diagnosable mental health illness1

11 years

Median time between onset of a patient’s symptoms and their first treatment1


Percentage of people who need mental health care but do not receive it. It’s even higher for racial and ethnic minority populations1

Accessible Behavioral Health

Color Behavioral Health Equity Access

Quickly connect to counselors

People need better access to care, faster. We can connect individuals in your community needing support to a licensed care professional.

Color Behavioral Health Product

Meet people where they are

People shouldn’t have to go out of their way to find and start care. Color brings awareness, screening, and resources into everyday routines, whether it’s bringing signage to local grocery stores or libraries, setting up a community event, or integrating screening into school registration.

Color Behavioral Health Right Time

No one left behind

Our solution ensures underserved and vulnerable populations get and maintain access to the care that they need.

  • Simple instructions
  • Multi-language support
  • Web or low-tech sign-up and phone or video sessions
  • Access to providers approved for Medicaid and Medicare
  • Availability of providers on weekends, mornings, evenings, and more

How Color can partner with you

Accessible universal or targeted screening platform

Our configurable, HIPAA-compliant screening model allows multiple approaches to identifying individuals in need, earlier. We offer simple web-based or alternate screening flows in multiple languages, manage consent, and can target specific populations or conditions with clinically-validated tools.

Illustration Modular Research Platform

Timely, accessible care for every community member

Color can access a broad clinical network to support phone- and video-based consultations with licensed, high-quality coaches, therapists (including LCSWs and LMFTs), and psychiatrists — as well as make available a triage line. We can partner with providers who accept Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Illustration Intuitive Digital User Experience

Handoffs and referral management for continuity of care

We seamlessly collect consent and HIPAA authorization from patients or guardians to allow for secure record sharing. We provide referrals and warm handoffs to support systems for ongoing and acute patient needs. After care, we ensure follow-up protocols based on the assessment.

Group- and peer-based mental health approach

Our cost-effective group- and peer-based mental health approach is built on a clinically-validated platform. This critical, community-oriented model can improve symptoms, including a nearly 50% symptom reduction among participants with moderate to severe anxiety and depression.

Illustration Giving Back

Services purpose-built to support public health departments and schools

Insurance billing

We provide insurance billing as a service, including billing management, Medicaid enrollment, and other billing support for large programs.

Community Support

Canvassing and community support

We embed in communities we serve, partnering with local community organizations and supporting canvassing and awareness-building — through schools, libraries, faith-based organizations, and more.

Training Support

Training and support

We provide frontline staff with training, support, and support hotlines to empower them to confidently recognize warning signs, respond to crisis interventions, manage insurance situations, and more.

Counselor Onboarding

Counselor onboarding

We equip and onboard counselors and clinicians in your community or system with our clinical tools, improving access to and efficiency from existing teams.

Program Reporting

Program reporting

We offer dashboards for program administrators to see real-time reporting on utilization, outcomes, and risks to ensure the right kind of care is reaching your community.

Hipaa Compliant

HIPAA-compliant platform

We ensure our platforms are HIPAA-compliant. We protect the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI), always.

Color Behavioral Health Schools

For Schools

1 in 5 adolescents aged 9-17 have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder, yet no state has an adequate supply of child psychiatrists.2 Our model improves preventive screening to identify more at-risk youth earlier and ensures they get age-appropriate care.

Color Behavioral Health Publichealth

For Public Health Partners

There are over 6,000 mental health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) in the US. Color’s model connects underserved populations to culturally-appropriate resources in multiple languages, no matter where they are.


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  1. United States Senate Committee on Finance Presents Mental Health Care in the United States: The Case for Federal Action, March 2022
  2. Milbank Memorial Fund, Behavioral Health Integration in Pediatric Primary Care: Considerations and Opportunities for Policymakers, Planners, and Providers by Elizabeth Tobin Tyler, JD, MA, Rachel L. Hulkower, JD, MSPH, and Jennifer W. Kaminski, PhD, March 2017