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Explore our Omicron interactive modeling tool

Learn how different testing and vaccination strategies impact COVID-19 outbreaks in K-12 Schools.

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Closing the last mile gaps cover

Closing the last-mile gaps in preventive care access

Download our full White Paper to learn more about how well-designed interventions can increase uptake, decrease cost, and improve health in your workplace.

EC Healthcare Cover

Delivering impactful, clinically sound healthcare benefits that improve outcomes

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how benefits administrators ensure that they are spending wisely on healthcare solutions that are proven to create value for all.

Rethinking Population Health and the Intersection of the Primary Care Experience

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to deliver healthcare benefits that are accessible, cost efficient, and used – without adding operational burden to already busy benefits teams.

Increasing primary and preventive care utilization by meeting employees at the last mile

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about the current gaps and challenges the healthcare system faces in delivering basic services and the opportunities that exist to transform care delivery.

Modern, preventive care for a distributed workforce

Color’s Essential Care program helps organizations expand access and increase participation with preventive care.

What Still Lies Ahead Universities Library

COVID-19 – What still lies ahead for universities; co-hosted webinar with The Chronicle of Higher Education

Color partnered with The Chronicle of Higher Education to bring together health and administrative officials from large universities, along with Color’s Dr. Alicia Zhou, share their perspectives on the anticipated impact of COVID-19 this summer and fall. 

Color Employer Office

From testing to treatment: how to prepare for the next phase of COVID

Learn more about emerging trends in testing, vaccination and therapeutics that may gain traction over the next several months.

Omicron Modeling Tool post thumbnail

Explore our Omicron interactive modeling tool

Learn how different testing and vaccination strategies impact COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

Infographic People

COVID-19 testing for live events

Organizations are rapidly shifting from virtual to in-person events. Here’s what they need to plan for.

Image of smiling teacher waving to classroom full of students.

How routine COVID-19 testing reduces infection

See how routine testing in Utah and California schools dramatically reduced the spread of COVID-19.

Three coworkers greeting eachother in hallway.

Small and mid-sized business return to workplace survey

Hear from over 200 small and mid-sized business owners and HR leaders on how they plan to address bringing people back to the workplace.

Screenshot detailing the different type of COVID-19 tests

COVID-19 test types overview

Learn about the different types of COVID-19 testing available through Color and how they work.

Man wearing mask an red beanie standing in front of blue background

5 best practices for safely bringing students back on campus

Based on COVID-19 work with higher education institutions, Color developed these five recommendations for a safe return to campus.

Office setting where coworker is scanning someones temperature.

Proactive testing in a partially vaccinated population

View this model to learn more about the trajectory of COVID-19 testing and best practices for tapering off regular testing in the future.

Blue Diamond logo

How Blue Diamond operated safely throughout the pandemic

By partnering with Color, Blue Diamond was able to keep its processing facilities safely open despite COVID-19.

UCSF logo

How UC San Francisco reassessed its mission to advance health and serve the public

Learn how Color and UCSF worked together and integrated within the university system to provide fast, accurate testing to their community.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts logo

How the Commonwealth of Massachusetts implemented a COVID-19 testing program

Read how the Executive Office of Health and Human Services partnered with Color to provide testing for more than 2,600 congregate care sites.

Young college student lowering mask and using Color test nose swab.

Keeping campuses safe: recommended COVID-19 testing strategies

Learn how to build and implement a university-wide testing strategy to keep students safe.

Screenshot of an article about designing inclusivity in population genomics

Designing for inclusivity in population genomics

Learn how and why Color changed the intake workflow to enable non-binary and transgender individuals to identify their preferred gender identity.

Graph showing aggregated vaccination data

Color’s K-12 school outbreak modeling tool

Explore the impact different types of mitigation strategies can have on outbreaks in primary schools.

Screenshot of Othman Laraki's TV interview on CNN during the pandemic

An interview with CNN’s John King

Watch this conversation regarding testing accessibility with CNN’s John King and Color’s CEO, Othman Laraki.

CNBC logo

COVID-19 testing to keep employees safe

Watch this CNBC clip on how Color’s digitally streamlined COVID-19 testing program is helping to keep employees safe.

Fortunre logo

Color announces $75 million funding round

Read Fortune’s exclusive coverage of Color’s 2020 funding round led by T. Rowe Funds and Viking Global Investors.

Close up of testing lab equipment

Mobilizing Color’s infrastructure in response to the COVID-19 crisis

CEO Othman Laraki discusses mobilizing Color’s clinical testing infrastructure and services to support the emergency response.

Thumbnail of a video title card for a population genomics playbook

The population genomics platform playbook

Download this step-by-guide outlining the core architectural elements required to implement a successful population genomics program.

Wall Street Journal logo

To get back to work, Companies seek Coronavirus tests for workers

Read this Wall Street Journal article to hear from Color CEO Othman Laraki on the importance of COVID-19 testing.

Thumbnail of a video with a woman sitting and smiling

How Jefferson Health worked with Color to genomic health insights to its employees

Jefferson Health’s CEO and EVP of Oncology Services talk about the benefits of offering Color to its employees.

Today show logo

Color and NBC’s The Today Show

Hear from Abby O’Connell, an operation room nurse at Jefferson Health, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales on how Color’s genetic testing saved Abby’s life.

Alicia Zhou standing in front of audience giving a TEDx talk

TEDx: Dispelling genetic myths with Alicia Zhou

Watch this TEDx talk to hear from Color’s Chief Science Officer on the value of knowing your genetic makeup.

Othman Laraki speaking at Fortune Brainstorm

The health industry doesn’t need magic to improve. It needs a lever.

Read this Fortune article to hear from Color CEO Othman Laraki on the importance of putting the customer experience first in healthcare technology.

Clinical OMICs logo

Color to collaborate with Sanford Health, expand NorthShore partnership

Read this Inside Precision Medicine article to learn more about Color’s partnership with rural health system Sanford Health.

Various colored squares with letters on a screen

Color, Verily to return actionable genetic data to project baseline participants

Read this Inside Precision Medicine article to learn more about Verily’s four-year initiative to collect comprehensive health information.

Thumbnail of a video with a woman smiling in a lab

Diverse perspectives on Color

See what customers, physicians, and partners have to say about Color and the difference it’s making in people’s lives.

All of Us Research Program logo

NIH and Color partner on All of Us Research Program

As one of the All of Us Clinical Validation Laboratories, Color is responsible for the return of genomic results for the All of Us Research Program, which aims to recruit one million participants.

TechCrunch logo

TechCrunch: Color receives FDA authorization for speedier COVID-19 test tech

Color has received an EUA from the FDA for a COVID-19 testing method that is as accurate as current tests, is about 50% faster and has different supply requirements.

Graph showing aggregated vaccination data

Color’s general outbreak modeling tool

Explore the impact vaccination and testing strategies can have on SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in workplaces, universities, and other group settings.

Physician & Provider Resources

To learn more about ordering Color kits for patients, including requisition and consent forms, sample reports, billing, brochures, and more, visit our provider resources page.

Color’s COVID-19 Testing Initiative

Library Testing Initiative Variant Detection
SARS-CoV-2 variant detection at Color
Library Testing Initiative Overview
Overview: Color’s Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19
Library Testing Initiative LAMP
Color’s Protocol for LAMP Diagnostic Assay
Library Testing Initiative Return to Work
Color’s Protocol for Return-to-Work Screening
Library Testing Initiative Variants Concern
SARS-CoV-2: Tracking Variants of Concern
Resources V1 Modeling Tool

Explore our interactive modeling tools

To learn more about ordering Color kits for patients, including requisition and consent forms, sample reports, billing, brochures, and more, visit our provider resources page.

Client Stories

Color Carla Kim Thumbnail
For Carla and Kim, two sisters with a history of breast cancer, genetic testing was the final piece of the puzzle explaining why breast cancer has been in their family for three generations.
Lauren doesn’t have a family history of cancer and wouldn’t have gotten tested if it weren’t for her son. Now, she has been able to help her siblings, nieces and nephews get informed.
Color Brian Thumbnail
“We don’t ever want to have to uproot our lives to cancer. If we could have the information at our fingertips, wouldn’t we want it that way?”

Product Sheets

Woman and man wearing lab coats talking to eachother as they walk

Color for Public Health

Woman in a lab wearing face mask and mask processing samples in test tubes

Color for Research

Woman and man wearing masks sitting on a couch talking to a woman standing behind them

Color for Employers

Peer-Reviewed Publications

White Papers

Hereditary Cancer Genetic Test

Hereditary High Cholesterol Genetic Test

Hereditary Heart Health Genetic Test

Medication Response
Genetic Test

Color’s Protocol for LAMP Diagnostic Assay

Color Genome-wide Polygenic Score

Research Posters

Press Highlights



CNN’s John King interviews Color CEO Othman Laraki about COVID-19 testing for the workforce



How a biotech CEO figured out COVID-19 testing for 50 companies with 12-hour turnaround times

The New York Times

The New York Times

Big tech zeros in on the virus-testing market



NIH awards Color $4.6 million to provide genetic counseling for million-person study