A big step forward in helping people understand their genes

May 22, 2017

At Color our goal is to make clinical-grade genetic testing available for everyone. Today we’re excited to announce a big step toward that goal: starting June 15th, Color will begin accepting insurance for patients who meet their health plans’ coverage... Read More

Health Is Relative: Introducing Our Shared Family History Tool

May 12, 2017

We all inherit countless traits, from physical characteristics like hair color and facial features to less visible ones like caffeine tolerance and the tendency to sneeze at bright lights. Since health conditions like cancer may also be passed down through families, knowing your... Read More

Happy National DNA Day

April 25, 2017

On April 25th, 1953, a group of scientists including James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin published simultaneous articles revealing the double-helix shape of the DNA molecule. Eighty-four years later, most people still know very little about what... Read More

Celebrating 2 years of service – Color

April 21, 2017

Like millions of families around the world, many members of the Color team have lost loved ones to cancer and agonized over what could have been done differently. These questions led to the creation of Color, and our goal of making it possible for everyone to understand their... Read More

Color and UCSF joint study identifies genetic mutations previously undetected by earlier forms of testing

April 4, 2017

We are honored today to announce the publication of a collaborative study by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Color in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Color teamed up with clinicians and scientists from the UCSF Cancer Genetics and Prevention... Read More

Don’t Forget About the Colon! – Color

March 24, 2017

When Color launched their first test in April 2015, it included 19 genes for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. People were really excited about it, but one nurse practitioner kept asking us to add more genes, particularly those for hereditary colon cancer. She was so... Read More

Advancing Science Together: Color for Research and the Color Research Grant

March 22, 2017

There is an emerging consensus that when research investigators obtain genomic data from study participants, there is an ethical responsibility to inform at-risk individuals about preventable genetic disorders discovered during the course of the study. However, there are several... Read More

We are much more similar than we are different – Color

March 14, 2017

Although recent world events may seem to highlight our differences, we believe that it is important to embrace the things that make us similar. When you look beyond the surface, we are much more similar than we are different. In fact, we are all 99.9% genetically identical.... Read More

Color goes to Canada – Color

March 9, 2017

Today, Color is partnering with Dynacare to make genetic testing more accessible for millions of Canadians. The Color Test is physician ordered, analyzes 30 genes related to the most common hereditary cancers and includes board-certified genetic counseling. Dynacare, one of... Read More

Bold Women in Science – Color

March 8, 2017

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. In this light, we’d like to celebrate some of the brilliant women in science who are boldly working to improve the health of women and their families: Gerneiva Parkinson, a 4th year... Read More

Scientific Breakthroughs in DNA Sequencing – Color

February 27, 2017

It took billions of dollars and 13 years to sequence the first human genome, but technological advancements in sequencing have outpaced Moore’s law for the last decade. How is that possible? We take a look at the scientific breakthroughs that got DNA sequencing to where... Read More

Families Share their Genetics Journeys – Color

February 16, 2017

We often hear from families who share that Color has empowered them to take control of their health. For the first time in their lives, people and their healthcare providers are using the information in their genes to truly personalize their healthcare and inform how they take... Read More

Between 30–50% of cancers can be prevented

February 12, 2017

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. According to the World Health Organization, 30–50% of cancer cases can be prevented through adopting healthy lifestyle choices and reducing risk factors. This is a great time to renew your New Year’s resolutions to make healthy... Read More

World Cancer Day – Color

February 4, 2017

Cancer is one of the most pressing healthcare problems of our time. 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and the World Health Organization estimates that this number will increase to 22 million in the next two decades. World Cancer Day is an opportunity for us... Read More

Celebrate Family History Day This Thanksgiving – Color

January 17, 2017

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us are looking forward to spending quality time with our family. Did you know that Thanksgiving is also National Family History Day? This year, take advantage of having the entire family together and start a conversation about your family... Read More

Marlo Longstreet shares her family’s experience with a seemingly insignificant family history of cancer.

January 17, 2017

“It’s scary to know but the unknown is scarier. There are things you can do to help yourself and to stay healthy.” — Marlo Longstreet Every day, we hear powerful stories from our clients demonstrating how important affordable access to genetic testing... Read More

When it comes to cancer, we have so much to learn

December 14, 2016

For many years, we’ve thought of cancer as one general disease. New research is beginning to show that cancer is many different diseases, and there are even many sub-types within each type of cancer (like breast cancer). This is causing a major shift in perspective across the... Read More

How We Can Design Better Healthcare – Color

November 30, 2016

Design principles can be put to work to create better products and experiences in an industry where they will have the greatest human... Read More

Color Genomics Receives Certificate of Accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

November 30, 2016

Color Genomics has received a certificate of accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) following inspection of our clinical laboratory facility in Burlingame, CA. In order to receive CAP accreditation, a laboratory must demonstrate that it operates with the... Read More

Building a Colorful Culture – Color

November 30, 2016

Today, we’re proud to announce that Color Genomics will join the White House and other technology companies in an effort to create a more diverse workforce. Specifically, we pledge to: Implement and publish company-specific goals to recruit, retain, and advance diverse... Read More