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19 organizations from the healthcare community unite to form COVID-19 testing industry consortium

With New EUA, Color’s COVID-19 self-collection kit enables public health and large private labs to increase access to testing

How we built our COVID-19 intake product in a week

Color and researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute discover key finding to determine risk of genomic diseases

Modeling SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in workplaces, universities, and other congregate settings

USC Student Health begins campus-wide COVID-19 testing with Color

Color receives emergency use authorization for unmonitored COVID-19 testing technology

COVID-19 symptoms analysis and clustering methods

New COVID-19 test data: Majority of people who test positive for COVID-19 have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic

The COVID-19 workforce testing plan that will help America reopen

Mobilizing Color’s infrastructure in response to the COVID-19 crisis

‘A milestone in lab development’: How two women pioneered automation in Color’s lab

Color’s women in engineering: ‘Before joining Color, it was rare to have another woman at the table.’

Color’s women in research: leading the way in population genomics

How women can get – and stay – healthy

Life at Color — Meet Stephanie Wallace (Lead Cardiovascular Genetic Counselor)

Color Black History Month

Black History Month: Bridging the health equity gap through population genomics

Color Data Expanding Capabilities

Color Data: Expanding the capabilities of our open-access database

‘Without it, we may have lost her’: A rare heart condition revealed

Color Genomics - Genetics and Heart Health

American Heart Month: How Genetics Impacts Heart Health