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The Color Approach

Delivering equitable, essential healthcare services anywhere care is needed

Color provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive technology platform, with scalable infrastructure and personalized services, to meet any healthcare delivery need.

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The Color Platform

Healthcare technology designed for everyone

We built our platform with the goal to make healthcare accessible for anyone, anywhere. From registration to results, the Color platform bypasses traditional barriers by making it easy to use for all populations – patients, employees, clinicians, HR professionals, or lab technicians.

Color’s technology is highly scalable and trusted to run some of the most ambitious healthcare initiatives across the country. We manage millions of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations for state-wide programs, we ensure safe workplace testing programs for large businesses, and we currently support the largest health outcomes study in the world with the NIH.

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Clinical support, diagnostics and dedicated support teams to drive results

Delivering a successful healthcare delivery model involves coordination of multiple stakeholders. Color provides everything you need to drive engagement and adoption of your program.

Our diagnostic kits are designed by clinical experts to be highly versatile and flexible, and our support team helps you set up and customize your program to the exact needs of your unique population. We’ve built genomics programs for non-specialty clinics all the way to the NIH. We excel at driving wide-scale participation.

Site Consultation and Staffing

Clinical Support

Onsite Program Materials

The Color team made it feel as though the success of this program is a priority, and Color has been willing to be adaptable and change approaches and tactics to address challenges as they come up.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
on state-wide COVID-19 testing and vaccination
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Logistics, supply chain and a delivery model you can trust

Across labs, tests, and results, Color’s CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified lab operates with a reliable supply chain system to ensure your healthcare programs run efficiently. We also partner with labs and testing manufacturers across the country to help support customized infrastructure needs for each program.

Color Labs

Supply Chain Operations

Lab and Testing Partners

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Designed with security at the core

Protected patient data and workflows

Color adheres to the highest industry standards for healthcare delivery: HIPAA and FISMA-compliant software, and CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified lab infrastructure.

Diagnostic solutions compatible with
at-home or in-person testing needs

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Color Genomics Kit

Genetic risk analysis of 30 genes associated with 8 common hereditary cancers
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Color Essential Care Kit

Simple, at-home testing kits for high-risk health conditions.

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Email our support team at or call us at (844) 352-6567. Our hours of operation are 7 days a week 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

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