Our Mission

Help everyone lead the healthiest life that science and medicine can offer.

A data-driven platform for population health

Color is a leader in distributed healthcare and clinical testing. From high-throughput COVID-19 testing to hereditary cancer and heart disease risk testing, we provide the technology and infrastructure to power large-scale health initiatives. We work with health systems, employers, researchers, physicians and national health initiatives worldwide to drive positive health outcomes.

COVID-19 testing and logistics

We provide fast, accurate, COVID-19 testing and screening for large populations, with a separate high-capacity lab, an integrated infrastructure, and full program logistics.

Advanced technology

Our custom-built software and state-of-the-art, automated ​CAP-accredited, ​CLIA​-certified​ laboratories ensure high quality at a lower cost.

Comprehensive analysis

We provide screening for genes associated with an increased risk for common hereditary cancers and hereditary high cholesterol.

Privacy and control

We believe that individuals should own and control their own genetic information. We give our clients clear control over how their data is used. Our service complies with HIPAA and other security and privacy standards.


Our hereditary cancer and heart disease screening tests integrate seamless physician ordering, and include complimentary genetic counseling.


We provide a physician-ordered, clinical-grade test at a fraction of the price of other labs.

Support people in need

Color For All partners with leading cancer clinics to donate free hereditary cancer risk screening to under-served individuals across the country.