Harness the power of precision health and clinical genetics to improve employee health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs

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Health is personal. Your benefits should be, too.

Color is designed to make it easy for employees to have a better understanding of their health and create an action plan with their doctor to stay healthy. We use genetics as a foundation to help identify overall health risks within your company and connect employees to the support that is right for them.

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Give your employees and their families a new way to engage with their health

It all starts with a clinical-grade, physician-ordered genetic test they can start at home. With strong consumer interest in genetic information and clinical value for people even when they’re healthy, we use genetics as a unique engagement tool that brings personal context to healthcare decisions.

Connect your population to your existing programs

Color is built to integrate with your benefits ecosystem. By collecting information on genetics, lifestyle choices, and health history, we can help refer employees to the appropriate programs and benefits that make the most sense for them.

Help employees turn knowledge into action with their doctors

Our insights are meant to help improve health outcomes and anticipate costly health events through the early detection and prevention of hereditary conditions, including cancer and heart disease. We also help employees understand how they might process certain medications.

Know where to invest your


Review anonymized, aggregated results from your population that will surface risk areas and needs for your employees to help you choose the benefits that are most impactful.*


* Availability may be limited based on number of employees participating and compliance with data privacy regulations and guidelines.

How Color works for your employees


A saliva sample is collected at home, along with detailed online health history


A physician will review the information and follow-up with questions, if needed


Confidential results are ready for them to review securely online in just a few weeks


Genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists are available for questions and support


On an ongoing basis, employees may get routed to personalized care, screening, and benefits

Help them learn potentially life-changing information

Color includes a physician-ordered test that covers the following genetic health areas


Sometimes lifestyle changes are not sufficient for preventing heart conditions. Color includes a look at select genes associated with genetic forms of heart disease, including hereditary high cholesterol, which may be evaluated differently from conditions without a genetic cause.**


Early detection drives a 4x improvement in 5-yr survival rates. Color includes a thorough look at select genes to better guide a screening and prevention plan for common hereditary cancers, including breast, ovarian, and colorectal.**


Analysis of 14 genes associated with how the body may process certain medications.*

Plus, engaging genetic insights

Ongoing insights from emerging science:***




Alcohol Flush


Caffeine Sensitivity

A meaningful benefit that can directly impact the lives of your employees and their families

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The Color Test

Risk assessment and screening guidelines

Medication response genetic information

Access to genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists

Educational programs

Benefit Coordination

Launch and communications plan

Custom employee workflow

Co-branded marketing materials

Insights and Routing*

Newsletter personalization

Routing to available employee benefits

Employer Experience

Population-level risk reporting**

Dedicated account manager

Training and support


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  1. Schroeder SA. Shattuck Lecture. We can do better–improving the health of the American people. N Engl J Med. 2007; 357(12)1221-8 Available at www.nejm.org.
  2. SEER Stat Fact Sheets: Breast Cancer Published November 2013. National Cancer Institute.

* Do not change or stop taking any medicine based on a genetic test report without consulting your healthcare provider. This test is not intended to inform you about your current state of health, including whether or not you should take a medication or how much you should take. This test does not diagnose any health conditions and is not a substitute for visiting your health care provider. Discuss the results of the genetic test with your healthcare provider, including whether the medication label includes information on how to use genetic information to determine dosage. Medicine should always be taken as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

** Risk information and screening guidelines in results are typically based on studies of individuals with a family history of the disorder being discussed. Medical management should be considered also taking into account on your personal and family history.

*** Color Discovery is not yet available in countries outside the US.