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Families Share their Genetics Journeys – Color

Fatima Sabar

We often hear from families who share that Color has empowered them to take control of their health. For the first time in their lives, people and their healthcare providers are using the information in their genes to truly personalize their healthcare and inform how they take care of themselves. As Carla from one of the featured families says, “this was knowledge and knowledge is power…the more we know, the more preventative we can be.”

Everyone’s path to genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk is different. Some are motivated to learn their genetics because cancer runs in their family. Carla and Kim, for example, are two sisters who both have a history of breast cancer, and genetic testing was the final piece of the puzzle explaining three generations of cancer. Others are curious about their DNA and want to live proactive, healthy lives. Brian explains, “if we could have the information at our fingertips, wouldn’t we want it that way?”

One theme is common in all the stories we hear: knowing our genetics is empowering for us and our families. Watch the stories of several people who have done genetic testing on our new stories page.

Thank you to the inspiring families for sharing their journey with all of us.


How 30,000 People Took More Control of Their Health: A Milestone in Accessible Personalized Medicine

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Too few cancer patients receive genetic testing—after they’ve been diagnosed