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An end-to-end platform for population health research

At Color, we are committed to supporting research that aims to engage populations at scale, connect underserved communities with care, and inform community health solutions.

We make it work for researchers
doing the work.

User-Centric Digital Engagement Platform

Our platform provides your research participants with a user-friendly experience that can help lead to faster and higher rates of recruitment. Color supports enrollment and e-consent of participants for both clinical and research purposes. We also enable longitudinal participant engagement and data collection, while providing return of clinical, genetic results, access to genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists, and information and recommendations tailored to their health and risks.

Advanced Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Tools

We can process millions of variants to surface genomic — phenotypic associations at a very high speed and develop advanced genomics algorithms, such as polygenic scores, that can be used in research applications.

How does it work?

Design your study

We’ll work with you to design a study specific to the research needs of your community. Our goal is to make this a collaborative process and to help you create implementation workflows and strategies that work for your organization.

Engage research participants

We provide a user-centric digital engagement platform that can be used to enroll and communicate results to your participants. Our platform also enables longitudinal data collection.

Return results

We can support the return of clinical test results that may be important for the health of your research participants. Color’s genetic counselors are available by phone to answer questions that come up about genetic test results.


We’ll work with you to summarize important results from your study and to create a publication strategy.

Let’s get started.

What research can we do together to help your community?